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oldDogmen Stories..

all History from the early days.

If you find your name on this web and it offends you. Let me know and I may take it off here. I mean no harm. I am just telling you the way I remember things in the dogfight world as they happened. Sometimes some people don't like me telling about them and that is understandable. If you copy anything I have on here let me know. It is not alright to copy my stuff without asking. I am easy to get along with and I will usually say OK. This web tells all the cruel things that I and many others did in my past life when fighting dogs. Entering the dogfight world for me was like entering a Chthonic reagon. Let me get this up front. I am no longer a dogfighter. I quit when the felony laws were pass and had slowed up before they were passed. I was around 40 years old when I quit. I am now 65 and am glad I quit. I'd like to tell how strange some dog people are. I bought an American Staffordshire terrier some years back. A lady in the Amstaff crowd found out about me owning an Amstaff and that I use to fight dogs. She printed all over the web. who I was and that the Amstaff in question was in serious danger. She made up all kind of stories trying to get me in trouble. Little did she know that no true dogfighter would ever fight an Amstaff. They are not usually game and are not worth wasting your money on them in a fight. Over 70 years ago when they became two different breeds of dogs. That means the amstaff was bred for 70 years without testing his gameness or ability. While the pitbull was bred for seventy years with most anything that could fight and had ability. That is why today when DNA breed testing of the pitbull is done. It shows very few bred like the amstaff. Matter of fact a good percent are altogether a different breed than what the original pitbull breeding was. Most show very little comparison to the amstaff genetically. Now A lady with humane society and Peta stickers all over her letters and her posting on the web. Has found out I have Patterdales and am a former pitbull dogfighter and she is making up stories about myself and many others and the Patterdale Terrier. I guess I will have to pay for my dogfight sins the rest of my life. Their will be people read about my death someday and say, 'Dogs sure will be better off now'. The good thing is that when God forgave me for this. It is like it never happened in his eyes. Someday hunting, fishing and rodeos will be banned and there will be many arrested from all walks of life for sneaking around and doing these things. Then these people will be known as bad people to. Killing an animal will carry the same penalties as killing a human in the future. When Peta and a good portion of the passive people of the good old USA get everyone lined out the way they desire. They will then start next on the cruelty to insects. A flyswatter or a mouse trap will get you charged with a felony.They will talk about those felonies like they do about Michael Vick. Please do not let anything you read on this web encourage you to fight dogs or you will go to jail. Your family and freedom is a far greater asset than any pitbull that can fight. If you think all these guys that fought dogs were squeaky clean and hero material. You don't know the half of what went on in those days in those people's life. Lots of them were known felons who had spent many a day behind bars. Some people were good people who ran with the bad people in the dogfight community and became bad themselves in time. Yet some were good people with a cruel habit that did no other crimes. I received a letter sometime back from a man in the pen. He was a former dogfighter. He said ,I'm not a bad person. I just made some bad decisions. Well in my opinion the decisions you make are what you are as a person. It is real easy to let yourself start fighting dogs. First you buy a pitbull. Then someone challenges you to a dogfight. You do it just for fun. Then like drugs your hooked and you get more serious about it. I bet there are many things that are accepted by society that God sees that he thinks are much worst than dogfighting. I want to to leave this world with my history saying I'm A good Father and A good Grandfather. Rather than a famous pitbull dog fighter.Yet I got my share of fame in the dogfight game. Like I tell my grandkids in the valley of the blind the one eyed men are kings. I was one of those one eyed men. Back in the day. I took a good friend to a dogfight. He had never been and begged me to take him. He told me he had it all wrong in his mind. He said he was shocked that they didn't make a sound like growling or snapping. He had seen dubbed newsreels of them making all kinds of noise. This sound was added to attract the news watchers attention amd make them think agonizing cries were part of the fight.When the truth of the matter is. All you here is the swift movement and wrestling motion that is in the pit seldom is a sound made. First you place the weight of your dog with the pitbull fight crowd. Lets say you have a dog that you think will fight his best at 44 pounds. You tell the dogfight crowd. The dogs is open to match at 44 pounds. You also say whether it is a male or female. You might say you will fight him or her for a minimum of one thousand dollars to a maximum of $5000 dollars or what ever your heart desires to bet. $1000 to $5000 was about average in my day. Yet some dogfights are up in the $50,000 range this day and time but this isn't the normal bet and is a rare happening. Then both sides agree on a time set a couple of months in advance. Each side puts up around $200 to $1000 forfeit money. This is held by a trusted third party. Also their are several sets of rules dogfighters go by. These rules will be agreed on before the dogs are fought. This forfeit money is given to the opponent if the other man doesn't show up or his dog is over weight.That guarantees the people don't work their dog for nothing. When they arrive the dogs are weighed and them each side washes the other sides dog. This helps get rid of any drug or poison that is put on the dog to stop the other dog from biting or fighting. There has also been a referee chosen in advance. The arena called a pit made of wood. It is square with two foot high walls and dogs have a 14 foot scratchline. The term scratch is when the handler turns his dog loose and he has to run that 14 feet across to the other dog and mouth him or bite him is what I perferred. It is not really a so called pit. Because it stands two feet above ground level. At one time in the early days a pit may have been dug but not in my day. The dogs are brought to the pit after washing them and are held by the owners.With the dogs facing away from each other until the referee says face your dogs. Then the dogs are turned around and faced at each other and held till the referee says pit your dogs. The dogs fight till they make what is called a turn. They will occasionally turn their head away from the opponent. That is considered a sign of fear. Yet it doesn't always mean that. When this happens the dogs are handled and taken to their corners. The dogs are held for an agreed amount of time facing away from the other dog. Then faced toward each other when the referee says face your dogs then the first dog that tuned usually will have to get to the other dog in 20 second or be counted out. Then they are handled evertime they come out of holt and taken to opposite corners and then the dog that had to go across last time stays and his opponent has to come to him or be counted out. If no dog turns his head away during the fight. The dogs fight till they lay out of holt for an agreed amount of time. When this happens the down dog has to scratch then they take turns. This keeps most dogs from getting killed or hurt bad. If one is hurt bad and can't go across or to tired or afraid to go across and is counted out the fight is over. There are many different rules dogfighter go by. Cajun rules are the most popular when I was in the game. The different rule vary just a little. Very seldom is a dog permanently injured or a dog seldom gets killed like the media says in an officiated dogfight. I watch horse racing, boxing and football and can say. They have as many if not more perminent injuries plus many are killed. The main difference in dogfighting and other sports is. The main goal is to hurt or kill the opponent. Laws and big money rewards are in place to get you. One group is offer $5,000 two other groups are offering $10,000 each. So the total for turning someone in and getting A conviction is $25,000. Your so called best friend might turn you in for $25,000. So you better not try fighting dogs this day and time unless you like to be locked up.
Fox's 2x winner Dude from the old days.
Granddaughter to Black Widow Tudor gave me.
I will tell you people a little about myself.I Randy Fox was raise on a wheat,cotton and cattle farm and we also had horses. I've never been arrested except for drag racing when I was a boy. I have done my fair share of things that were questionable but have alway been a believer of Jesus Christ and am far from being perfect and backslide regularly. When I was young. My parents both worked and we had a maid that cleaned house and took care of us kids. The first maid was Mrs. Banner Evans and the second was Ms. Evelyn Gray both were very fine women. Don't let this make you think I have money. I'm just a poor old retired Plumber. I will never have the finances my parents had. I have met people as I've walked through the pitbull world from all walks of life. All the way from killers to Preachers. I hope you don't judge me as being all that bad since I was a dogfighter. I bet you no matter what lifestyle you lead. You have done just as bad, if not worst in Gods eyes. Like the bible says way. Let the man without sin throw the firsts stone.
Above is another picture of Charley Adkisson a friend and his Brindle dog. This dog is a brother to Maloney's Slasher. This brindle male dog is off Warren's old One eye. A dog Larry Warren got out of the pound. I know Maloney's Slasher doesn't show 'One Eye' on his pedigree 'oh well'. I can tell you Charley didn't have anything to do with that false paperwork.This one eyed dog whipped many a good bred dog. One was a son to Eli Jr.
Above is Mr. James Kelley on the left. He is a good friend a retired school teacher and an oldtime dogfighter. On the right is his son. The late Mike Kelley who was a painter for the state with his son Tyler. Mike Kelley also was a dogfighter from the past in the old days and had some great dogs. Mike Kelley was born February 16, 1953 and died January 16 1998. Mike Kelley was good friends with the late Mike Peeler. ( I need a picture of Mike Peeler) Mike Peeler had some great pitdogs in his day. Peeler was from Okmulgee,Oklahoma. He was born January 18 1954 and died august 19,2002
Fox's Ch. Rusty from the 1960's
Rusty whipped Linville's Warrior and two dogs of Jim Williams'.
Years ago I lived in a little town at Drummond,Oklahoma. I had a big back yard full of dogs. An old man that lived two houses down from me had a big red butted monkey. He would come on my property and get in front of the dogs on chains and dance up and down and torment them. I went to the old mans home and ask him as nice as I could to please keep him up. I told him I had fears of a dog getting loose and I couldn't predict what would happen. I had heard stories of Monkeys killing dogs and that worried me to. The old man got real crazy and said if that monkey gets hurt by any of those pitbulls. He'd kill every dog I had. I turned and walked away. I didn't know how to handle stupidity. One day I drove in from work and started with my lunch bucket toward the door. when out of the corner of my eye I saw Sport coming around the corner of the house dragging that monkey as he came. He seemed to almost have a grin on his face. I got him right quick and took him around back and put a new collar to replace his broke collar. I pushed the monkey under the porch that set up off the ground where no one could see the evidence. When it got dark I put the monkey in a feed sack and drove to the country and threw him in a deep ditch. I worked at Vance Air Force Base. When I went back to work I told the boys about that big happening. The next day the radio came on at work and the man was offering a hundred dollar reward for the monkeys return. The guys started teasing me. Saying, where did you throw him. I'll go get him and get my reward. The publicity scared me so that night in a snow blizzard I drove to the country and got him out of the ditch. I brought him back and cleaned him up the best I could and in the night sneaked over in the mans back yard and put him high up in a fork of the tree. The blizzard wiped out my tracks. The radio ads quit and everyone but the old man lived happily everafter. I have learned since then to use two collars with no snaps and I made my own extra heavy swivels. I used some 3/8 chain and some 1/2 chain. I quit using axels and went to bolting the chain through a cement block and burying it about 18 inches deep and never had any trouble again. I personally have learned how axels and snaps can cost you a dog. If you want to use them be foolish it is your loss. I gave heart worm preventive the first of each month and examined each chain at that time to. Also while living at that house. Mrs. Moore live next door to me and they had a 14 year old sheltie. I was walking Suzie a Dibo bred bitch and she jerked loose and ran after the sheltie. She was running so fast and hard. She ran over him and I jumped over him and caught her. When I looked back he was laying on his side dead. I put her up. Mrs. Moore saw the whole deal. I told her I was sorry. She said it wouldn't be so bad but that was Bob's dog. Bob her husband was in a nursing home. I buried the dog for her and she said no more about it as long as I lived there. I guess the hard lick he took when she ran over him killed him. Who knows?
Years ago I think it was back in the 1970's. I attended some dogfights near the Texas,Oklahoma border. They had lots of matches scheduled. There was a long driveway to the chicken fighting barn where the fights were held. The man at the gate had a walkie talkie to warn people at the barn if the law came. The concession ran out of beer and sent the man with the walkie talkie to town to get more beer. That is when we got raided. There was a small 4' by 4' metal door about 16 feet up facing the west. The window was locked but people kicked it open and were diving off the bleachers through it from the inside of the barn to the outside. About 8 foot down was a metal roof the stuck on out about 8 foot. As the law came in the front door people dived through that door and landed with a bang and then rolled and landed another 8 foot to the ground. I could here them moan when they hit the ground. I was outside talking to Danny Burton. He was leaning on someone's car hood. An Oklahoma Highway patrolman stopped and stared real cold for a moment. Then he walked off. I told Danny he sure did look at your cold. He said I thought he was looking at you. The Texas and Oklahoma lawmen couldn't tell who was in charge because the red river had moved and the border couldn't be determined. So my group eased in our vehicles and left, Some went to a new sight and fought their dogs but we wanted no part of that. It was to risky for us.
Frank Carver and Frank's little Candy Bitch
Frank Beat Jerry Beene with this bitch who was a daughter to my Ch. Rusty dog. This is in 1970's.
Franks little Candy bitch stopped the Bitch of Jerry Beene's standing on all fours in the corner in the late 60's or early 70's. She was a daughter to Maloney's Toot and an old time Colby bitch. Beene's Maloney bred bitch had a hard mouth but when it came down to it. She couldn't take the punishment. These two bitches both had good mouths and traded holts from front to back.This went on all the way through a hard fought battle. Like I said about Candy. She was out of my Ch. Rusty dog. Who was a Tudor's Dusky and Tacoma Jack bred male and my Suzie bitch. Suzie was a true Dibo bred dog. Who's papers were altered by a famous dog man back in the day. Who told me he altered them. That way no one would know how Suzie's greatgrandparents were really bred. The old time dogman told me Suzie would have Dibo on her papers seven time. That is if she had been registered corrrectly 'but she wasn't'. I saw so much of that paper altering. I bet no dog is bred right if the truth was told about the true pedigrees. After all, there lots of different owners on one pedigree and that increase the percentages of paper hanging.
Fox'sYellow 2x winner from the 1970's.
Charley Adkisson and Decordova's famous Bat dog.
This is Rachel my youngest daughter & Goober
My Goober stopped a couple of good dogs back in the 1970's. He off Sorrells' Gator.
Years ago people fled from their home countries to get away from dictatorship and special interest groups that restricted their religious beliefs and many other things in their life that they loved. They came to America with that dream of true freedom. Yet today special interest groups want to stop lots of those freedoms that we have. It is weird how men can fight till they can't stand up. Yet a dog or a chicken can't fight. It is considered cruel and is a felony. Men can run A cross country race but horses can't. It is consider cruel and is a felony. In some states it is unlawful for a dog or a horse to race. Plus in all states a horse can be only raced on a state sanction racetrack. A group is going state by state getting laws passed where you can't keep a dog on a chain. Yet lots of men have been in shackles. Pitbulls and many other breeds of dogs have been kept on chains for hundreds of years but all of a sudden it is bad. Have you ever given the thought to how much we are like the early Romans. They had men fighting to the death in their coliseums. We pit people in our coliseums against each other every time there is a football game. Yet that is fine. People have been paralyzed for life in the games. Every bone known to man has been broken one time or another during these games. Yet that is accepted and I love it. Many groups are trying to take our guns and stop our hunting. One group says they are going to start with California passing no hunting laws and go state by state still hunting is completely banned. I believe that people have so much cruelty in them and if they are completely stopped from hunting and all blood sports are stopped. Man will turn to cruelty to each other to fulfill their blood taste. That is what Peta does and the Humane society does. They hurt people if they can in the name of making all animals be treated like they wish. I heard a scientist say that each day an animal becomes extinct. Well, each day one of our freedoms become extinct as well here in the old U.S. of A.. Laws against carrying fighting chickens and fighting dogs across state lines have been passed. That law is getting innocent people arrested who carry their pitbulls and chickens across state lines and havn't ever fought a dog and aren't going to fight a dog. Under this law you are guilty for having the pitbull or chicken with you while cross a state line and you have to prove your not guilty. I don't believe that is true justice. Peta and the Humane society need to be stopped in their tracks.
The late Bill Decordovas. He was born William Decordovas on July 14,1899 and died July 1970.He was a nice quiet man a butcher by trade. I consider him a friend and will always remember him dearly. Many a famous dogs has his name on the pedigree. Bill Lived in Mt. View Oklahoma a short distance from Jim Williams and Earl Tudor and seven miles from my hometown. While Bill was dieing in the hospital a well known dogman stole all his dogs. Earl Tudor went to his aid and got part of them back. He could do something through his training techniques that I didn't see any other dogman do. He could let several dogs of his eat together out of one pan. You might laugh but you are wrong thinking they were currs. One was the Tammy bitch he whipped Mayfield with, The other was Ribbon. A great female and pitddog who is on many famous dog's pedigrees today. I can see others in my minds eye he did that with through the years but can't think of their names. Who said pitbulls were crazy.
Above is Maloney's Davis. His pedigree shows him off Toot and Colorado. Davis was a pretty good dog. He did lose once and got counted biting his tail walking in a circle. His mother Colorado was a currdog in my opinion. She came out of the corner in a match and took two or three steps and decided to turn around and go back to her master. When Colorado was in heat. Charley Adkisson and myself went out to Maloney's house. He had Colorado in with Rusty. Rusty was off Toot and a Bat and Ribbon female. They were hung up when we were there. The week before when we were out there she was in the Pen with Toot. I think Toot was starting to lose interest in sex and Don covered his trail by making sure she got bred. Today people can find out whether you are doing this with DNA. Don and his friend W.H. told me they stole Toot from Diffenbach. At first Don had him registered out of Jeff but like a miracle he got a new sire 'Spike' later on in life. He could have easily been out of either dog. Diffenbach and Tudor were friends and traded chickens and dogs back and forth. Some guy wrote in the Pedigrees online that Toot was a four time winner. He only won two fights I was around back then and know the truth.
The Famous Don Maloney,dogfighter, famous breeder.
He bred many a famous pitdog and got shot to death.
This is the late Don Maloney Don I speculate won more fights than he lost. Don was born April 10,1937 and was shot to death in December 1986. He had a girlfriend he was fooling with and like some men do. He neglected his wife. His wife who I still like and think she had just cause. Found her someone else. Don wanted his Kate and Edith to 'so to speak'. Don followed Claudia to her new found friends home and walked in with a gun and got killed for his trouble. It reminds me of the song. Play around you lose you wife, Play to long you lose your life. Goodtime Charleys back in town. Don left a wife and three kids behind because of all this. Earl Maloney named after Earl Tudor. When he was a young boy got his leg eat up bad. He walked up behind a dog. He'd hugged that dog a hundred times. He grabbed him around the neck when Don was carrying a dog to a pit in his yard. The excited dog whirled around and ruined Earl's leg. He has had numerous operations on it. I called Claudia in 2006 and Earl called me. They both seemed glad to hear from me. I consider Don's wife and kids good people. I think Claudia is with the man that shot Don and power to her, she needs a life and someone that treats her good. I was out in eastern Oklahoma back in the early eighties at some matches. Don smarted off to me. I knocked him in the pit. he and I were down on the mat fighting and the dogs were fighting. Don tried to stab me. He had a knife in his hand someone stood on his hand and took out the knife and said their isn't going to be any of that here. Several guys lifted us out of the pit to the out side and we kept fighting. A guy walked up behind me with a big branch and was going to club me in the back of the head. Larry Warren stuck a gun in his face and told him to back off and he did. Jerry Johnston also kept some people out of it. The management told me to please let him up. So I did. All I had was some scratches on my face like fingernail had got me. They put him over on the other side of the pit way away from me. They had a building where they had snacks. I was hungry and wanted a beer after that excitment so I went to the snack bar. A man from a state up north with an Italian name looked me in the eye. He said I have a dog to match and I will tie his hind legs together and fight at what ever you have. I was already mad so I told him. I'd kick his ass to and take his bullshit somewhere else. He did just that. Giving me an angry stare as he went. I hate idiots like that.
My friend Frank Carver left and me right.
Frank was a good dogman back in the day. He is an old fart now and doesn't have any pitbulls.
This is me 'Randy Fox' dressed up a little.
I don't do this type pose often. I was at my Grandaughter's wedding.
Years ago in the early 1960's I had a litter of 6 pups. They were off My Suzie bitch a dibo bred female and a large male I dog called Nighttrain that I got from A.B. Forsythe. He gave me registration papers showing him out of his old Dusky dog. I had moved the pups to a pen to wean from their mother. The first evening without their dam. I was just home from work and I went to check on the pups. There were dead pups laying around in various places in the pen. A female pup had the last living pup down killing it when I arrived. The down pup was screaming and snapping. I grabbed her off the female she had down and seperated her from the rest. As I removed the dead. I noticed some had parts dismembered from their body. A foot was completely gone and I guess eaten by the killing pup. The female that did all the killing lost an eye in the battle but got OK plus one female littermate live although she was eat up bad. I've never had any pups that tough, that wild and crazy before or after that weird happening. I know this is hard to believe. I have witnesses to this weird thing and don't much care if anyone believes it or not.
This is Alvin and myself.
Tudor bragged Alvin was the best in 40 years.
This is Leigh my oldest daughter, Alvin and myself in the 1970's.
Back in the old days in the early 1970's. I fought my Alvin dog, known as 'Alivn the dog' at Alvin kephardt. I beat a brother to the famous Hank dog. A man came to me and told me he witnessed Kephardt rubbbing something out of a small jar on his dog. I fought him anyway (which wasn't smart). My Alvin dog managed to whip Kephardt's dog but dropped holds when biting in the area Kephardt had rubbed. Alvin's eyes looked real weird for a couple of days. What people do to try to win has no limits. His next fight was against Danny Burton. I beat his dog in two hours and twenty three minutes. Alvin was different from any dog I ever saw fight. When Alvins opponent got weak and Alvin knew he had him whipped. He would put his feet on the dog and use his feet and legs for leverage to pull peices of flesh loose and swallow the flesh. Earl Tudor said he knew Alvin would eat a dog after killing him. After this long fight with Danny Burton. Alvin laid on his side in a special room I had fixed up for pitdogs looking death in the eye for twelve days after the fight. I fed him broth each day with a teaspoon. Trickling it down his throat until he would strangle. He was hooked to IV'S replacing his body fluids and was given antibiotics daily. He smelled like rotting flesh. I moved his limbs around daily. He would moan in pain. On the 12th day he stood up and was looking me in the eye wagging his tail. I said you ok boy. He just wagged that tail even harder. He recovered and lived several years after that but later died with cancer. Probably from the steroids I gave him. I swore during those twelve days I'd never fight another dog. I ask myself what kind of man can do that to a dog. I ask Mayfield years ago. Did seeing them get hurt bother him. He said, only if they don't get well so they could fight them again. Alvin was so Popular that people from seveal countries flew to American and came to my home and tried to buy him and or his offsprings. I, not like many so called top dogmen. Refused to sell anything to anyone from another country. I have my policies and that was one of them. Laugh at me if you like. That is just me and my standards. I also refused to let Earl Tudor breed anything to Alvin and maybe I should have breed to him. He ask me several times. Like I've said before. I liked Earl but I didn't like Earl. I had mixed feeling about him. He just wasn't my kind of people.
Earl Tudor who was at pitside said Alvin was the best dog he had seen in 40 years and Danny Burton's dog was a good second. Cecil Pond who is a fine man refereed that fight. He said the same thing about Alvin that Earl Tudor said but added he had only seen one other fight that had pitdogs of that quality and he saw lots of fights. I was in my back yard playing with Alvin one day when my wife yelled for me to take the trash around to the side of the house before the trashmen came. She handed me a sack of trash. I opened the gate to the backyard and let Alvin go with me. As we got to the trash container a cat flew out of it and headed across the street. Alvin right on his heels. I chased them to a house with the garage door open across the street and down one house. The cat ran up the built in ladder that went to the attic and the door was gone to the attic so the cat was up in the attic. Alvins front half was in the attic as I grabbed him by one hind leg. I pulled him down to me grabbed him in my arms and walked straight for my house not looking back. I could visualize people looking at me out of the window even though I kept my eyes forward. I thought about it later.What if he'd got into the attic and fell through the ceiling killing the cat as he fell to the living room. Boy would I have had lots of explaining to do. I was very lucky the way it turned out.
This is my dear friend the late Richard (Rick) Snow. Rick sometimes helped me work dogs and doctored dogs for me. His IQ was off the charts. He was going to Oklahoma State University to be a vet when he met his tragic death. My family and myself miss him. He has many grandchildren he didn't get to see or know and they didn't get to see or know him. He has a son I stay in touch with and have told him many stories about Rick and his life in the old days.
'Above' This is a friend and a good dogman who like them Colby dogs. Mr. Harry Mossberg. Harry was born in July 3,1896 and died August 1984. He was from Washington, Pennsylvania.
This is the famous Cecil Pond.
Cecil was a top dogman an and honest dogman back in the day.
Hale's Oklahoma a game 2 hours twice 2 time winner
Off Alvin & a curr sister to Tombstone called Bonnie.
Years ago Don Maloney put on some fights just outside Norman, Oklahoma. We got raided. It is sort of funny how Channel four was up front of the parade of cars driving up to bust us. I have a theory that their is more publicity for a lawman to catch a dogfighter than to catch criminals that rape and kill. I think that is because it is not the normal everyday thing you see on the television, like murder and rape. I would like to see the data on all the crimes committed against families that were neglected during of this raid. Don Maloney ,Homer Sams and a drunk were arrested. Maloney ask for a search warrent they told him to shut up or they would tape his mouth shut and put him in the trunk. They fingerprinted the rest of us and let us go. Don was charged with a felony. Yet after many months of hagling back and forth and many lawyer fees . The charges were dropped. I remember running with everyone and lots of them were worried about getting caught and their probation would be revoked. I was worried I might get one of those probations. Yet it all worked out good from most everyone. When they arrived I believe the way they acted. They knew who they wanted before they drove up. Years ago Homer Sams came to my house. He and I had an on going problem which I will not go into deatil about. One night he knocked on the door. When I got to the door and stepped out with no shoes on and no shirt on. He ask me to come here a minute and I walked out toward his car. He was very strong for an older man. He must had been in his late 40's a short barrel chested man. He took off his glasses as I walked toward him and set them on the car hood. I was around 20 years old. When he turned toward me I hit him but didn't catch him as solid as I needed to. He flew into me fighting in close hitting me one shot right after the other. I couldn't get right so I grabbed Him and had his head but he slide it upward and his ear drug past my mouth I grabbed it with my teeth. I shook him like a bulldog. He screamed in pain. He was walking backwards hitting he in the top of the head with something and got his feet tangled in some fencing in the front of my house and fell to the ground jerking his ear from my mouth. I saw it dangling as he hit the ground. I got on top of him and was hitting him and he was almost out from the punches. My wife came out of the house with a gun and said let him up. She said, no one is going to fight here with my babies in the house. Homer said something smart to her and took one step toward her. She begged him to keep coming. He quickly caught on that she wasn't bluffing and got in his car and slung gravel as he left. I let her settle down A little and then decided to ask her why did you do that I was just starting to win. She told me this is a good time for you to shut up. So like a smart man should do I shut up. Like Larry Warren once told me.Their is nothing meaner or tougher than a mad woman. I called Frank Carver. He was a of mine in Enid,Oklahoma and lived close to me. He was a medic in the military when he was younger. He checked over the top of my head and said it looked like I had been hit with a church key or a pointed ring. I had little holes all in the top of my head. He put them on there when I was eating up that ear. Frank doctored each cut with alcohol then grinned and said he thought I'd live and left for home. Who said bulldog people are normal.
Years ago Don Maloney sent word to me he wanted a little bitch I called Hempee to give to Earl Tudor. Earl hadn't had a dog for a while and wanted her. So I gladly sent her to Don to give to Earl. Hempee was off Toot and the last bitch Hemphill had. Shortly there after I get word that Roland Fotenot had her. Well I found out later the deal was a scam just to beat me out of her, so Don could make some money. I will say it didn't pay me to feel sorry for old Earl and try to be nice to him because that left me vulnerable. Hempee was a badly cowhocked little bitch. Roland called her Crip. I had a couple of Hemphill dogs Wilder gave me and they quit. A boy who lived by Wilder and help him check his dogs said all them he tested quit. The boy was a real nice young man. James Kelley and I really like him. We heard later that he killed hisself. He worked at a dairy close to Wilder. Don't make me or any dogfighter your hero. We were law breakers when we fought dogs and lawbreakers can't be trusted. If you dance you will have to pay the fiddler or maybe if you do the crime you will do the time fits this situation. Please don't fight dogs this day and time or you may have to leave your children for years.
Back in the 60's I had a black bitch I thought quiet a bit of. She had been rolled hard and showed good. I called her Misty. Jimmy Job brought over a bitch he got from Forsythe. He wanted to test her. My bitch grabbed her and seem to be handling her. All of a sudden she turned and wouldn't take holt. I said lets see if my bitch will go. She stood in the corner and wouldn't go. All this happened in about 5 minutes. I was going to shoot her. Jobe had seen her go before and she seemed tough and real game. She didn't act a thing like she did with Jobes bitch. Jobe said don't shoot her give her to me. I'll give her another try. I don't give dogs another try. So I gave Misty to him. Later he traded Misty to Jim Williams for anther dog. Misty ended up in some southern state winning four fights and some she won some with extreme gameness. How do I explain this. Well here goes. I have come home from work in the past and my wife acts meaner than a snake. Which isn't her true temperament. I can walk in the door being guilty of nothing and still face her rath on rare occasions. I believe female dogs like women have a misadjustment of hormones and this can happen without warning. When this does happen the female dogs aren't the same dog or a woman isn't the same woman so to speak. Misty just got rolled one of these times when her hormones were out of adjustment and she became a currdog for a few days. Has anyone else had this happen?

This is from the 1970's. This is Bennett Clayton and the famous Bolio. Who he owned and fought years ago. Bennett also is famous for owning and breeding some of the best dogs that ever lived in the early years out of his Eli Jr. dog. I consider Bennett a good friend and a good person.
This is Stinson and his famous Art dog. One of the greatest badest dogs of all times. I'd like some more Photos of more dogs of Stinson & Glover's. If I'm not mistaken Bennett said the dam was not the quality of bitch that the sire was of Art. Who happened to be Eli Jr.
Let me tell you something fellows. This is Stockton's big Liz. She is the dam to Butcherboy, Without Liz and the renown Weldon Stockton there would be no Hooten's Butcherboy.
This is Fox's Crazy. He was crazy. You had to tease him with one hand and when he jumped at it, you had to be fast handed enough to grab his collar with the other hand. He wanted to bite anything that moved. Onced you set him in the pit if the other dog was there. He would concentrate on him. If you had to wait on the dog to get in the pit he would be trying to bite you or your shoes or your pants anything he could see. No dog ever stayed with him. He could bite and fight with the best. He was out of Forsythes Blackshine and a daughter to Forsythes Jeanie. Blackshine was later known as Mayfield Nigger.
All this is history and not meant to encourage dogfighting. This happened in the early 60's. The laws are different now, So please do not fight a dog unless you like jail. Please do not do this to a cat or you will also go to jail. Years ago Earl Tudor told me how to rib up a dog and make him crazy to scratch. I used this method years ago. I first found a building about the size of a pit. I placed a full size mattress in a corner on its side squared up with the corner. Then I got a cat and a refrigerator. Peta, I no longer do this so settle down. You take the cat and hang him by his either his hind legs or his front legs from the ceiling with a rope 18 inches off the floor. I placed it about 18 inches in front of the mattress. I took the dog to the opposite corner and let him see the cat. He will naturally go crazy to get the cat. I held him in the corner for two minutes letting him peek at the cat. Then I wouldn't let him see it for a few seconds by placing my body between him and the cat. Then I would let him see it for a few seconds. He will get crazier to see the cat. Then at the two minute mark I let him go. He Flew across and bust that mattress and at the same time had the cat killing it. I took him off the cat and repeated this process several times totaling 15 minutes. I took the dead cat and put it in the refrigerator to preserve for a few days. When it became broken after a few days I skinned it and used two halves of the hide. I kept them in the refrigerator till they wouldn't hang on the rope anymore. Then it was time for a new cat. This was probably the cruelest thing I have ever did in my life. I had colon cancer several years ago. I think God was punishing me for all the dogs I fought and all the cats I killed. Although I still don't care much for cats. All that life is in the past now. Don't do this there are laws in place that will get you in prison. Earl Tudor was talking to me about bad signs in dogs. Lets just say a few. If a dog fights with her tail between her legs. If a dog fights wagging her tail to fast. If a dog fights with he tail curled up over her back. If she fights with hair standing up on her back. If she screams when she gets bit. If she turns while she is fighting. If she drops holts. If she scratches slow. Earl said that he has had dogs with all those bad signs that were top game dogs. Yet in some pitdogs it did indicate they were not game. He also said he had a bitch that fought with her tale between her legs, hair standing up on her back and she scratched slow and dropped holts and turned regularly yet she fought long hard fights and never did quit. So much for the signs.
I would like to tell the public. Most true dogmen don't grab up dogs off the street or out of people's yards to bait pitbulls into fighting. If a pitbull is put on any dog other than the bulldog type. The other dog snaps at the pitbull. This snapping can cause a pitbull to dodge or duck to get out of the way of the snapping to get thier holt. This can create a bad habit of causing the pitbull to make bad moves. Then when in a real pitdog match the dogfight referee will determine the moves as what is called a turn in the dogfight sport. These turns can turn into problems. Because when a pitbull is scratching that has been fought into snapping dogs. If he gets the idea in his head that all dogs snap. He may pause when scratching at the other dog for fear of being snapped in the face. This pause may get him counted out. Some pitbulls get cur smart. That is when they pause for the snapping dog to turn away and then they grab him and hold the curdog where the curdog can't snap them. That is what creates the pause in the scratching pitbull. Yet some pit bulls aren't affected by snapping.

This is me and my Demon dog. Back in the sixties we fought him in an off the chain money fight just to test him. He won in just over an hour. He was down near his fighting weight but didn't have a bit of work. The following week I had him chained inside a barn. He chewed through a 3/4 plywood wall and crawled through the hole and hung himself. He still had his hind feet on the ground but managed to cut his air off by twisting the chain around and around his neck. Dogs sometimes do some weird things in accidents that cause them to die. I didn't really think he would try to chew through that wall. I learned one thing by that. Never chain a dog near a wall and never chain a dog near a chainlink fence.
This is Doyle Reddicks 4 time winner 'Tush' a daughter to My famous Little Alvin dog. Years ago people used every trick in the book to win dogfights. Once when David Eubanks was fighting Greaser against a guy from Mississippi. The man was on his knees spitting at Greaser. Eubanks came to me and said, what is he doing trying to spit on my dog. I got to watching him he was spitting BB's at Greaser.He was spitting only when Greaser was on his side. I told David look on that tarp (which was the flooring for the pit ) .There are BB's laying here and there. That man was trying to spit BB's in Greasers ear only when he was on his side and the man could see the open ear. People use to put BBs in the opponents dogs ears while he was being washed before a fight. There are all kinds of rubs that can be used on a dog that will stop the other dog from biting or may even poison the other dog. Jimmy Jobe said Saddler used Alum to rub his dogs daily during the keep to help them from being bit hard. Mayfield also mentioned using Alum himself. Earl Tudor told me he used fish brime in the early days to rub dogs down with. He got the brime from a known dogman that worked in an area on the eastcoast where fish were being processed. He claimed it kept them from being bit hard when rubbed into the dogs skin daily during the keep. When the old eastcoast dogman died. His source of fish brime ceased and he said he didn't use it any longer. I've heard stories about nicotine sulphate that are not necessarily true but sometime are true. People say there opponent used it and their dog died. I saw a man use it, he put it all over his dog (I was with him at the time). I will not tell you who, but he did it. His dog got whipped and the other dog didn't die. There was a well known dogman that used the sewing needle trick. When he washed your dog he had a sewing needle sticking in the skin of the palm of his hand. A sewing needle has to be used because it is tappered. While washing the dog he would take the needle out of his skin and push it all the way into the intestine area of the dog. The dog would fight and his movement would make the needle go in deeper as he rolled and twisted and so forth while he fought. That is why the needle was tappered. Eventially the dog would quit or die from enternal the injury. Some people sharpened their dogs teeth. Making them pointed. So they will slide in easier. Some sharpen the back side of the fangs. So they will slice better. Some use bitch urine. When a bitch is in heat they collect the urine and rub it on there dog. Then they rub Vicks on their dogs's nose where he can't smell it. You can tell when someone is using bitch urine because all the male dogs matched that day usually don't do quiet as good . Washing the dog will not help. The reason I say that is. Some men use to put it on themselves around the shoe area and put the shoe close to the opponent's dogs head when the dog is down in the pit. Some used frog urine as a rub but that is pretty easy to see when the opponent's mouth lathered up. People use Azium and different steroids during conditioning plus different type drugs to speed up the dog. Especially if he has a hard fighting dog which will help him take out his opponent even faster. There are so many things to watch for and the new young crowd comes up with something new everyday. Especially when big money is involved that makes people do anything to win.
This is a flash from the early days. These people do not fight dogs this day and time ,this was years ago. Do not let this influence you to fight dogs unless you like jail. This is Jerry Beene on the left. On the right is Mr. and Mrs. is Doyle Reddick. With the famous Peterbilt dog. Doyle got this dog from Mike and James Kelley.
Big Louie and the late Mayfield and Weldon Stockton.
These two fine gentlemen are no longer involved in the pitbull game. The one on the left is Weldon Stockton and the one on the right is Bennett Clayton. These men produced many a winner in the old days.
The famous James Crenshaw and BlackJack
This is dogfight History and not intended to promote dogfighting. Please do not fight a dog unless you like jail. Big Louie was a famous fighting dog from the early days. He was a top bred dog. The late Don Mayfield on the left fought and conditioned the dog for Weldon Stockton, who is on the right. Don was one of the best conditioners of all times. I'm going to say one thing about Don that thought I'd always hold against him. I sent him money for two of his books. He sent me one. He said, I don't remember you paying for this one but I'm going to go ahead and take your word for it and and send it to you. It wasn't much of a book anyway but since he wrote it, I wanted it. Plus now I forgive him and hold no bad feelings now. Time has healed me. 'Who said dogmen were normal'.
Don & Phillis Mayfield two nice people.
A top dogman and his wife.
Mayfield 's PitGeneral.
A very rough dog.
This is the famous the late Ralph Greenwood and Oakie. He is no longer with us. Ralph was born April 26,1931. He died February 27, 1988. He was one of the best dogmen of his era. He was probably as good of a conditioner as Don Mayfield if not better. I watched him win several fights and conditioning won most of them for him against top men in the game. I watched him whip some Texas men's famous dog like patting for a dance. I liked Ralph and also consider him to be one of the best at breeding and conditioning good pitbulls. He had so many good battle dogs. I don't have space to mention all of them but believe me he stood above most the dogmen in that era in character and ability. We visited at some of the matches in the old days and he was very easy for me to like. I miss those days.
This is Reddick's four time winner Pedro that I let him have in the early days. Years ago I had a friend his name was Hub. Hub was quiet a football star when he was young. He had clippings from the local paper from the 20's of where he was complimented by the local sports writer in his home town. Hud told me a real funny story one of best stories I ever heard. He said when he was 13 or 14 he played football and after the game he and a couple of his buddies went out by the stadium where a local 13 year old girl was going to show herself naked to the boys. None had ever seen a girl naked and in those days that wasn't uncommon. When they got around under the bleachers she took off her dress and underwear and they couldn't see her. It was already dark and there was no lighting in those days. He looked me in the eye and said Randy, We burned up two boxes of gopher matches looking at her. He said, That was probably one of the greatest memories of my childhood. If that don't make you grin nothing will..Years ago a dogfighter who also was a deputy from a small town told me a funny story. I had a second cousin that had a tavern. Right outside the tavern there was parking for people in the middle of the street. He was driving by and saw the lights on and feet sticking out the drivers door. When he got close enough to see. He found an older drunk man and a woman about 55 years old having sex in the front seat with the dome light on in the car because of the door being open. He got out and approached them. The woman had on a dress and it was pulled up the man had all his clothes on but had the fly open. He said he grabbed him by the belt on his backside and pulled him off the woman. The man didn't even look around he crawled right back upon it and proceed to do what he was doing to start with. He said he finally pulled him off and told him to zip up and go home. This time he got in the car and drove off. I've been told many a time any job worth starting is worth finsihing and I think he'd heard that before.
This is Fox's Sissy a game little bitch out of Alvin and Bess and my young ugly mug from the early days. She is the Dam to Reddicks famous four time winner the little Pedro dog. That is writing in the picture that one of the grand-kids scribbled on the photo. It looks like a tattoo on my upper arm but it is not..

This is pitbull history. Do not let anything on this page encourage you to fight dogs or you may have to leave your family and go to prison. It is not intended to promote dogfighting but to tell how it was back when it was not a felony. This is Tudor's Dibo one of the most famous fighting dogs of his era. He produced Jeff and Spike and many top fighting dogs of the 1950's and 60's. Earl Tudor was a farmer and A bootlegger from Hobart, Oklahoma. His full name was Earl D. Tudor his wife's name was Flora but he called her Flo. He was the son to Nathaniel and Hattie (long) Tudor who came from Madison county ,Kentucky. Nathanial was the son to William and Mary (Wheeler), They stayed out in Madison co. kentucky. Earl had a uncle named Daniel that also lived at Hobart,Oklahoma Daniel was Married and had five children. Earl was born May 14, 1893. He died in January of 1977. If you want to look up his work history his social security number was 446-50-8877 . He was not always honest in his dogfighting. He knew all the tricks of the trade. Scotty Nelson said Earl Tudor stole things and said he committed various crimes and he could be right. I am from that county and lived 10 miles from Earls home. I don't recall reading any of that in the Democrat Chief the Hobart newspaper. I checked various records for his criminal doings and found none. So if he did these things ,he didn't get arrested for them. He was pretty slick at getting out of trouble. You will have to remember that lawyers and judges bought whiskey from him also. I do remember him being arrested for creating a matched fight between two men at Hobart, Oklahoma. He was hit in the head with a sap by the local lawmen and had to be taken to Hobart General Hospital and sewed up. He and everyone else involved except Floyd Merriman pleaded Guilty and was fined 25 dollars. Floyd Merriman pleaded innocent and was fined 100 dollars. Earl wasn't really my kind of people but I couldn't help but like him. I always had mixed feelings about him. Like I Tell everyone. I like a person no matter what they've done or who they are ,as long as they like me and Earl seem to like me. Earl had a very welcoming ,friendly smile when he walked toward you with that smile ,if he liked you. Yet I've seen him with a glare that would scare many a tough dogman. Once when my wife and I were over there. He told us Flo and him had never had an argument. When we left Earls house. My wife said Flo was scared of him or something or they would have had an argument for sure. Who Knows? Jimmy Jobe told me he went by Earls house and Earl ran him off and wouldn't even talk to him. When I saw Earl he ask me who that guy with the oiled down hair was that came to his house. I told him I didn't care for Jobe either.
Tudor's two Demons
Do not let anything on this page make you fight dogs.
Tudor's Dibo
Dibo was born in 1952.
Tudor's Dibo on top.
This is Dibo whipping a dog for J.T. Collier in 1956.
Tudor's Jeff
This is Don Maloney's Toot. Some people have him down as a champion. There was all kinds of magic going on at Don Maloney Kennels. I only know of Toot winning two fights. Plus the first half of Toot's life Don had him registered out of Jeff and through a miracle only God could do. The second half of his life Spike became his father and some way got Toot registered a second time to confirm that.
Floyd and Blind Billy

This is the famous Floyd boudreaux. He has bred some of the best dogs in the past and they were as good as any dog-mans dogs. He told me a while back he hadn't fought any dogs for over 20 years. I believe him. He was arrested for various charges including dogfighting. He and his son were found innocent of all these charges when he went to court. They marched right in his place took his dogs out and put them to sleep after arresting him. I have A problem with them destroying evidence. These dogs could have cleared him. If they were not marked up bad. I don't believe they were. I read an article where he was being watched with a spy satellite. What happened to our constitutional rights. He is a Cajun not an Arab. This countries politicians and certain groups of citizens make me sick. The very freedoms our country was established under are in grave danger. We are slipping deeper and deeper into the very things people immigrated here to get away from. Mayfield told stories about Floyd that could not be substantiated. These stories were told all around to the pitbull dog world. A friend told me a while back that democrats were trying to get pitbulls banned. This is half true. Two republicans and a democratic got tougher cockfighting and dogfighting laws passed on the federal level. I read that George Bush had signed that new Federal law into affect the first part of May,2007. There is a republican from Moore, Oklahoma who is trying to get pitbull dogs banned in Oklahoma. Midwest city, Oklahoma , a town which has Tinker air-force base and is basically a republican town with no democrats in office on the state level. They have passed a bill banning all bulldogs. There are also many states and towns with democrats who try to pass bills. This is not a political issue it is a bipartisan issue. They are trying to keep people safe. This is caused by idiots using them for watch dogs and letting them get loose. Plus getting Pit-Bulls so 'people aggressive' they hurt members of their own family including babies. If you think I'm crazy look up the stats on my web I have a link to info. I look for pitbulls to be banned someday because of stupidity. You can ban a dog but you can't ban an idiot. Personally I think an alternative to banning is to inspect the premises by the state to see if your yard is safe. Plus people who own them should have to attend a class learning the dos and don'ts of owning a pitbull and be certified. I hate for it to come to that but that in my opinion is the only way to establish a code for safety with pitbulls and it beats banning. Everyone with pitbulls thinks I'm crazy for saying this but it is the better of two evils. Another thing that would cure the problem is that you couldn't own a pitbull that weighs over 20 pounds. This would hurt me because I have no dogs under 20 pounds except the Patterdale Terriers. Like I always say that is about the only thing the government has left me with is an opinion. So I use it while I can before they take that away too.
Floyd Boudreaux
Here is the famous Jim Williams from Mountain View, Oklahoma. Which was about 7 miles from my home town. Jim was born James Williams on February 11, 1895 and died in February 1975. Jim owned and bred many great dogs. He had a famous 9 time winner called Redman in the old days. I am telling this story because it is true and I can prove it. I'm not out trying to hurt anyone but am telling the truth about them. Jim was a deputy Sheriff and was not an honest man in my opinion. He cheated me on a dog deal when I was a kid. Bill Decordova called me and ask if I bought a spotted male pup from Jim Williams. I told him yes I did. He said, Will he set quail. Then he explained how he had a Dibo bred bitch that got bred to a birddog. Jim came over and got them and sold them all over the country. I ended up being one of the taken. Frank Carver and my brother are alive today and they can testify to what I'm saying. They went with me to Jim's home. I jumped Jim about it. He said he was sorry and let me have a red six month old bitch that ended up being worthless. So I gained nothing from my trip. You might say he started my education in the dog world at an early age. I'm not saying he did this as a regular practice because I also had many good transaction with him. Earl Tudor told me he gave Jim some top bred dogs free. I didn't have any connection with Earl at the time. I was just a kid. Yet he gave me two top bred dogs off his yard free. Jim was quiet the salesman. He told me he sent a man a picture of a dog and priced it to him for 100 dollars. The man didn't like the dogs looks and ask he if had anymore dogs. Jim took a different picture of the same dog at a different angle and priced it to him for 200 dollars and sent the new picture to the man and told him it was a different dog. The man liked him in that new photo and sent him the 200 dollars. Earl Tudor always said Jim would have made an excellent car salesman.
This is all History from the 1970's. Don't let it influence you to fight dogs unless you like jail. This is the famous Cecil Collins. Cecil fought many a dog and had lots of winners. He was an understudy of George Saddler where he learned to be a top conditioner. Cecil was born October 21,1922 and died October 1990. The records show him to be from Boyle, Mississippi right outside Cleveland, Mississippi. Cecil got screaming mad when they gave away the trophie to Homer Sams, Don Maloney's Buddy. They gave it away before Danny Burton and I fought our Match. Don was a little Jealous because we were young and he was Mr. bigshot. Cecil Collins made it be heard what he thought about this crap and gave pitdog a fancy collar to give me for the gamest dog of show , that my 'Alvin The Dog' fought. Danny should have gotten one too. His dog stayed in holt, didn't turn and died right there. Maloney didn't even charge the people for our fight. He told some of them since we were Greenhorns it wouldn't last long. Little did he know. Cecil Collins came up to me after the fight and said that is the sorriest bunch of people I've ever seen. He said he loved that Alvin dog and he would like a yard full like him. He advised me never to fight at one of their shows again. From then on when Danny Burton or myself fought people paid attention. If anyone out there has a better picture of Cecil please send it.
This is a flash from the past 'The famous James Crenshaw', one of the greatest pitdog men of his era. Winner of many matches and one of the top breeders from the past. This is strictly history he is no longer involved in dogfighting.
This is the famous 'Crenshaw's or Garretts Jeep' one of the greatest dogs of all times. Many a pedigree has his famous offsprings on them.
I'll tell you a story about a dog of mine that went missing when I was about 35 years old . This dog ended up at young dishonest black guys house in Oklahoma city. We will call the man Joe. I know the dog was stolen but can't say for sure Joe stole him. I got word he was in Joes back yard. This was in the roughest high crime area in Oklahoma in a area where only black people lived. I would have my wife drive me down the alley and look in his back yard to see if the dog was there at three in the morning. This was and area where no white man had better be after dark. It was really dangerous. Lots of crime, drugs and gangbangers. I did this about four times through a nine month period. Finally on the ninth month I shined a light in the back yard and sure enough there was the dog on a chain. I jumped over the four foot chain link fence and got the dog and brought him home. I moved him somewhere else in case a story was fabricated that I stole the dog. Which I could prove different. I felt it was better not to have to prove it. Anyway, everything worked out. My wife still bitches at me about having her drive me on this mission. For you white guys that like to bad mouth black guys. This story wasn't printed for that purpose. I have had white men cheat me more than black men in the dog game. This story just happend to come to a happy ending. I have a black friend that I use to work with named Larry Cawthorn that will tell you. I'm one of the best friends he has. I bet most of you people don't know this. When Kennedy was just elected president. He was ask. How do you like our Honor Guard? Kennedy ask why aren't there any black men in the Honor Guard? Within months the people in charge put a black man in that Honor Guard. Now Here in 2009 we have a black President. So America has come a long way from the early days of slavery and the bad treatment of its black people.
The Famous Chinaman dog
Above is Chinaman. My Abe is tight bred on this Chinaman dog. Chinaman was one of the greatest of all times. Tom Tu Abe sire is off Chinaman.There is something about Tom Tu's appearance that reminds me of Carver's Pistol. I know he is down off that just by his appearance. Tom Tu has sired several winners including a four time winner with lots of mouth and Abe has sired several winners including a four time winner with lots of mouth. I'm proud I own my Abe dog and wouldn't trade him for any dog Garner has and am glad he isn't off some of that other Chinaman stuff. I think he will end up being one of the all time great sires. Just to let people know. I got him for me and no one else and he isn't going to be studed out. I've never seen so many dogs sold off Chinaman throughout the world. That type kennel has over populated the pitbull in the USA causing nothing but trouble along with many other pitbull kennels. It is A free world and A person can usually do what he or she pleases but in this case it creates more lawbreakers and more accidents. Years ago I went down to Midland, Odessa, Texas area. A man told me about a boy down there way that had a Amstaff about a year old. Supposed he didn't know much about fighting dogs but wanted to match his dog. One of the local pitbull men made a deal to match into him. The amstaff whipped the boy's pitbull. So like most pitbull men he approached an acquaintance of his that had a two time pit winner to help him get the boy's money. The boy whipped the two time winner for them to. Finally on the third try they finally found a dog that was a great pitdog (that did have a hard time of it) but did whip the boy's Amstaff . That doesn't happen often. Amstaffs can't hang with pitbulls on gameness but one did in this instance. Years ago Earl Tudor told me that an Airedale in one of the southern states whipped three good pitbulls in a row and they finally found a pitbull that whipped him on the fourth try. Bobby Smith brought over a dog for me to work and Match. This dog belong to him and Steve Davis and Don Maloney. He was a big catch weight dog and a two time winner called Undertaker. The opportunity arose for me to match him at a half wolf, half chow. I couldn't get a hold of the owners for permission and it looked like easy money. When we arrived there were five of us. I can remember Mike Kelley, Bill Carr and myself but don't recall who else went with us. The opponent was owned by a black man in a heavy populated black area. There were about 50 black people waiting there on us when we got there. The pit was a hog pen about 20 by 20 made from one by twelves upright in the vertical position. There were railroad ties at each corner. One of the one by twelves was missing. There was a little 6 or 7 year old black boy setting on top of one of the railroad ties about 6 foot in the air. The little fellow told me you will be sorry you came. We got the money up and made the rules. They would not scratch to win but did agree if either dog dies or jumps the pit he loses. I got in the pit with Undertaker. Here came an older black man around the corner of the house. The dog was a giant about 100 to 125 pounds at least. He had little slits for eyes and they were yellow. He looked like the devil himself right in the face. The little black boy setting up on the railroad tie yelled out 'Major' tear his head off and put it on the porch. Major was growling try to get lose from his handler just like Undertaker was with me. We pitted the dogs. That half wolf picked up undertaker in the center if the back lifted him off the ground Shook him in mid air threw him to the ground grabbed Undertakers muzzle and began chewing pushing into the ground with the muzzle as he bit. Undertaker began to scream. The little black boy said again tear his head off Major and lay it on the porch. I began to think that Major was going to do just that. He let go of his muzzle and got him by the back of the neck and begin shaking Undertaker biting him deep in the neck pushing down as he shook him. His muzzle was split open and part of his tongue gone. I know this is unbelievable but grass was pushing up through the big gap in the bottom part of the muzzle and sticking up through the big gap in the top part of the muzzle. It looked like you could stick a half inch pipe through the top part of the muzzle all the way down through the bottom part. Then all of a sudden the half wolf got hot and set down and just looked at the pitbull. Old undertaker started looking at the hole where a one by twelve was missing in the fence. He was thinking about calling it a day. I could see the look in his eye. I walked over and set down in front of the hole in the fence so he wouldn't go out. Undertaker laid there for about 5 minutes with Major setting on his rump with his upper half over the top of Undertaker looking down at him. Suddenly undertaker grabbed him by a leg and Shook him. That Major picked him up by the back again. He then grabbed that muzzle and did his same number on Undertaker making him scream bloody murder. You could have heard him scream for a mile. Then Major stopped and they ended up just like before Undertaker laying there looking around saying to himself what have they got me into. Major setting on his butt looking down at Undertaker. They just stayed in that position for about 15 minutes and never moved. I told the man, I don't think either one of them wants to fight anymore lets just call it a draw. I couldn't believe it but he agreed. I grabbed undertaker. He grabbed Major. We headed home much smarter than before. That little black boy had it figured out Major was fixing to tear his head off and lay it on the porch. We were lucky to get out of there without having to pay up. Who said pitbulls were tough. A boy from Tulsa heard about this and called and ask me if I thought his dog could whip him. I told him if he cared anything about his pitbull he better leave him in the pen. I sent Undertaker back to his owners and said I didn't want him on my place. I do not know what happened to him. I would bet Maloney sold him to some unknowing pitdog man and he quit his next time out. It is kind of like that Slasher dog. He was a good Dog. Don Maloney registered him wrong. He was really out of a Bat and Ribbon female from Bill Decodorvas off Charley Adkisson's yard and a Half English bull that Larry Warren got of the dogpound. That half English bulldog whipped a son to Eli Jr. that Bean had him. Plus he whipped several good pitbulls. Years ago my brother had a half pitbull and a half birddog for a watchdog. He owned a Tavern about a half mile from his house. He put that dog at the back door to keep people from breaking in. He had a good bred little pitbull bitch that got loose and went to that tavern and got bred to that half birddog. He took the pups down and gave them to Jim Williams which was a mistake. Jim Williams put Papers on them and sold them all over. A man by the name of Holliday got one of those female pups and when she got grown he bred her to a Loposay dog I sold him. Everyone of those pups were good. Danny Burton ended up with one called Gorilla that was a four time winner if I'm not mistaken. Just think that Gorilla was one eighth birddog. Charley Adkisson rolled a dog at him when he was young. Gorilla did real good but we couldn't make ourselves buy him when we found out where he came from and who his dam was.
Pitbulls are not suited for all homes. They must be kept secure and never let them roam.
This is the famous Ch. Plumbers Alligators. I fought the longest fight against alligator an hour and 12 minutes but still couldn't whip him. I had Harry Browns Joker, he gave Alligator a lot of trouble but came up short.
This is the famous Bobby Smith having dinner at Weldon's Stockton's home after drinking a few beers. He passed out with his hand in the plate. Bobby had the habit of drinking a few and passing out. He would come too after about an hour or two and start drinking again.
This is Bobby D. Smith born October 13,1929. He died February 27,1997.Bobby is pictured with the famous corvino dog 'Boots or sometimes called Boots the Blacksmith'. Bobby told me Bert Sorrells had owned him and found out Bobby had acquired him. Bobby said Bert contacted him and said someone had stolen him from Bert . Bobby said Bert didn't prove to him that this was the truth, so he wouldn't give him up. Bobby had acquired him from the late Gary Chance with an honest transaction on Bobby's part. I'm not saying Boots was stolen or was not Stolen but I can swear Bobby didn't steal him.
This is one of The famous Bert Sorrells. Bert had many famous fighting dogs from the past. He is no longer involved in the fighting of pitbulls. Once upon A time years ago I Randy Fox went to the dog fights up by Elk City, Oklahoma. I rode down with some young fellows about 15 years younger than I was. While we were at the fights they drink lots of beer and Smoked a little wacky tobacco. On our way home we stopped about half way to get some gas. Some of the boys saw a goat around back and to the side of where we were filling up with gas. There were six of us and all were in the service station getting rid of there beer that had run through there bodies. I hadn't drink much so I set in the car. Two of the fellows came running toward the car with that goat. They were going to put it in the back seat with me. I said, like heck you are. There will not be room for the other two guys, if you put it in here and I shoved it back out at them. They put it back where they got it. Jerry Johnston was driving and he was very high. He would go at a high rate of speed over hills on the wrong side of the road. Finally having all I could take reached over his shoulder and took the keys. The car was an older car that the steering didn't lock when the key was off. He coasted over to the side of the road. He was very angry. I told him I'd give the keys back if he'd drive right after setting there about thirty minutes he agreed. He was mad so he drove 30 miles an hour on highway Two Forty. This drew attention from a highway patrolman. He pulled us over and called for two more cars. They took us out and took a couple of cases of beer out of the floorboard. They through all the empties in the ditch . They took us over by a tree one at a time and questioned us. They were all so drunk. There was no preparing a story as we were pulling over. So it was up to each person to answer the questions to please the lawmen. When it came my turn ,they said where have you been. I said here and there. They said, what did you do at the here and there place. I said this and that. So they told me to go set down. Mike Kelley was one of the guys with me and he had blood on his clothes from handling a dog. He told them we were at the chicken fights which was legal back then. That probably saved the rest of us. They arrested Jerry Johnston for drunk driving and let me drive his car home. They let the rest of us go. We had a black friend that was with us. He had a married girlfriend. That night he was to meet her. They found him the next morning with his head cut off. He was a likable dog-man but was playing where he shouldn't. Who said dog-fighters are normal.
Lester Hughes AKA Mountain man one of the all time great dogmen from the past with many a famous dog including his famous six time winner 'Homer'.
The famous John Fonseca on the left Al Brown of Modesto ,California of Tacoma Jack fame in the Middle and Howard Heinzel on the right. Howard was born april 30 in 1914 and died in october 28,1989 in Laveen,Maricopa Arizona area. He came from Chicago, Illinois to settle in Arizona. Howard Married Virginia May Clark January 29,1941. Anyone from Al Browns or John Fonsesca's area please send some pictures of their dogs and a little more info on them.

This is Tudor;s Jeff.
This is the famous Bob Neblett. Bob was born Robert Neblett in November 9,1895 and died June 1980.
Left Myself then James Kelly and Weldon Stockton
Three old men from the past that do not fight dogs anymore.
This picture is at the ADBA National dog show and weight pull. James Kelley is on the far right Weldon Stockton is standing next to him third from the right is and I'm on the far left. Not that we really like weight pulls or dog shows but we do like to look at the dogs and learn how they are bred. We also believe show people and weight pull people contribute to stopping banning of pitbulls.
Above is George Gilman and Larry Warren and George's Clee bitch a 5 time winner from the past.Two top dogmen from long ago. Years ago at some dogfights in Oklahoma. George Gilman had a big tall texas friend that got in a disagreement with a young stocky Okie. He got the Okie down and bit his nose almost off. The Okie was Carl Beasley''s Nephew and a former highschool wrestler. The young Okie was screaming in severe pain. Some how he got loose and rolled the big texas guy over and was biting his nose and when they pulled them apart both their noses were hanging down to there mouths. The Beasley boy was screaming running at the crowed that had circled the fight trying to get someone to fight him. He was fired up and wanted more even though his nose was hanging half off. I heard they both were taken to the hospital and their nose repaired. But who knows.
This is Larry Warren from the old days and a dog we conditioned and handled for 'Fat George'.
Larry Warren and Myself used to help a man with his dogs. Larry Warren Worked them for him and I handle them in the matches. George was probably genetically from one of the highest IQ type bloodlines or family trees of anyone human with fighting dogs. His name was George Stage Hunsecker. Known in the dog crowd as fat George. George was a big heavy man and stout . His father 'Ralph Uriah Hunsecker' was a song writer for movies and Broadway plays. He wrote the song 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas', plus he had over 500 songs to his credit. Ralph his father went by the name Ralph Blane. Just type in Ralph Uriah Hunsecker in you search program and read all about him. George's mother was a college graduate and was named Emajoe Hunsecker and held a big position with a big oil company. George stayed at the Hunsecker home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The rest of the family was in New York writing songs for Broadway plays so George guarded the home place. George kept his dogs at various other homes so no one would know about his hobby. I ran around like a blind dog in a meat market looking at all the expensive things that were accumulated in this fine home as George took me on the tour. Agnes Morehead was George's Godmother and Andy Williams was his Godfather. Their dining room housed a table about 35 feet long for guest. Various pictures of movie stars and singers and song writers were all over the walls. The master bedroom had a 500 gallon bath that was marble with steps leading down into it. They had a water closet that had been imported and made no noise when flushed. I am a licensed Oklahoma Plumbing contractor and must have flushed that stool 20 times just trying to figure how it worked. George played the piano and also knew music . He showed me on their piano that Willie Nelson only knew three cords. No matter what song of Willie's he played, his hands only had to change three times. He laughed and said his dad knew every cord and ever note known to man. His dad still would never make the money Willie made with his three cords. Yet his dad was extremely wealthy. George was born November 5 ,1948 and died January 14, 2003. I will always remember him and I'm sure Larry Warren will to. He had several good winners including a half brother to my little Alvin dog that won several fights. I do not have a picture of George. If anyone has a picture of George I'd like one. Please help.
This is the late George Saddler and Bozo two great ones from the past. George was born May 11, 1899 and died December 1969.
This is the famous Freddy Jones and Major. Freddy fought into Mayfields Pit general and picked his Reno dog up. He won with many a dog through out the USA. Does anyone have a better picture of Freddy or know when Freddy was born and died if so please e-mail me. Freddy was at Danny and Myself's match when I fought Alvin. He really complimented me on Alvin. I was pleased that a dogman of his caliber liked Alvin. Cecil Pond also complimented Alvin as well and he was a top dogman. He was the referee and was within inches of the fight and was impressed.
Years ago in the 1960's. I worked at Vance Air Force Base. While living at Enid I matched a dog in a nearby town. I had a friend named Frank Carver that lived there and also fought dogs back then. We were to meet at his house at 8 oclock in the morning and go to the match. I told two people that worked with me and he told two people that worked with him that had been wanting to go to a dogfight. We had told the people if they wanted to go to be at Franks house at 8 AM. It was on an Easter Sunday. At 8 OClock in the morning the law showed up. They knocked on Franks door and ask for me. They ask me if we were fixing to have a dogfight. I knew they had been informed by someone that I or Frank had told. I knew there was no use in denying it. I told them , yes I was going to fight a dog but not in their county. They said if I did they would have us followed and have us arrested. I told them that I would not fight the dog and be a good citizen . Then they called Frank out to their car and put him through the same quiz. They had their Sunday best on and were fixing to go to church and out to Easter lunch I'm sure and they seem to be in a hurry. I always thought it was someone I worked with that had told them because they had called me out first. I learned something that day. I don't care who ask to go.I didn't tell anyone else not connected with the doggame about any fights. I'm sure Frank did the same thing.
Earl & Flo Tudor, Floyd Merriman and his wife.
Someone emailed me this and I've forgotten who but thank you.
Floyd W. Merriman Japan prision Camp photo.
Floyd went through hard times for our country.
Floyd W. Merriman an old pitbull man and friend of Earl Tudors from Victoria,Texas and later Iowa Park, Texas. He went to the army February 13,1941. He was in the 60 Coast Artillery Company M. Battery. He went directly to the Phillipine Islands. He was there until December 7,1941. In early 1942 he was at Bataan when it fell. He was in the famous Bataan death march. He said once. You havn't had it rough, Till you bend down and get a drink out of a water from A buffalo track and hurriedly get back up before you get stuck with a bayonet for breaking rank. He was held prisoner in Bilibid and Caranatuan. Then he was sent to Japan. He found this pictre above and smuggled it out under his shirt. Floyd was born April 20 1924 and he died January 6,1977. He is Buried in Highland Cemetary in Iowa Park, Texas. He drink a lot and had lots of fights when he was drunk but I might do worst than that. That is if I'd been through what he went through. He was a good dog man and had lots of good dogs. A dogman told me years ago. Floyd got in a fight with J.E. King. J.E. was a small man but a tough man. He couldn't stop J.E. and couldn't knock him out. So he tied him up with and extension cord. He then threw J.E. in the back of his pickup and hauled J.E.'s home and dumped J.E. out in his front yard and drove off. Hoping J. E. would sober up and settle down. J.E. King lived in Oklahoma for a while. J.E. got in a fight at Oklahoma cycle supply with Dennis Parker. Dennis was a big 260 pounder and a tough man. J.E. weighed 134 pounds soak and wet so to speak. Dennis had whipped lots of men but had trouble with J.E.'s moving and dancing and jabbing style but finally got him whipped. J.E. King got in a fight at a bar and got knocked off a balcony from the second floor. This left him handicapped. He could hardly walk and lost lots of his balance but managed to live.
These are some famous old retired dogmen that have nothing to do with dogfighting this day and time. They are from the left Weldon Stockton , Bennett Clayton, The Kingster and myself on the right.
Above is John Pritchard Colby Born June 15, 1875 and died in 1941 in Newbury, Essex Co. Massachusettes. His wife was Florence. He was the son to Joseph Lunt Colby and Nellie S. Jackson. The John P. Colby family had 8 children. John Pritchard Colby Jr., Joseph L. Colby, Marjorie E. Colby, Helen A. B. Colby, Florence Louise Colby, Louis B. Colby, Alexander F. Colby and Jackman R. Colby. He was one of the men that started dogfighting in America by producing some of the best. John also put his dogs in the hands of some of the top dogfighters. In the 1960's and the 1970's some dogmen including Loposay crossed Colby and Lighter dogs and got many winners. This cross whipped man dogs from all bloodlines. I'm not sure of the Colby dogs of this era.
Two of the men that help start it all the famous from left to right 'Bert Clouse and Bob Wallace'.
The famous Joe Corvino and Sonny Sykes as a youngster. Two all time greats that are no longer with us. Joe was born Joseph Corvino in June 30, 1890 and died March 1,1963. Sonny who was named Anthony Sykes was born august 13-1941 died May 31-2001.
This is an old picture of William (Bill) Kazmaier. He won the strongest man in the world contest for 1980-81-82. With Julie and their child. Bill is in a pitbull dog yard as you can see. He was friends with the late Sonny Sykes and some of the other known dogmen.
The late famous Pete Sparks from Starke, Florida. Pete was born Peter Sparks February 21, 1901 and died June 17,1994. He was a old time carnival man that got into the pitbulls in a big way. He was a top breeder. He also published one of the early underground dogfighting magazines. He was a talented writer. I met Pete years ago at some dogfights in eastern Oklahoma and liked him real well. When I was young I wrote him and ask him about his bulldogs. He wrote me back and said I have no bulldogs. I only have American Pitbull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull terriers and Staffordshire terriers. He said why do you call your dogs bulldogs. I wrote him back and simply said, 'I call them as I see them'. He wrote me back and all he said in the letter was. 'Like the man that kissed the cow.' That was quiet humorous. I learned that he was a stickler for detail. He was intelligent. He was not a person of neatness. He lived for the moment and was unique in his own way. No matter what anyone tells you. He was a great contribution to the pitbull world.
This Card was a Christmas card sent out by Pete.
Pete Sparks was little different breed of man but I like him and he was a good writer.
This is the late the great Edward L.(Sonny) Crenshaw known in the pitbull world as 'Ed' he was one of the all time great pitbull dog men from Carlsbad, New Mexico. He bred many a top pitbull dog in the 60 and 70's and even in the 80's. Ed was born July 5,1928 in Balmorhea,Texas. He was also famous for his birddogs. He died February,21, 07. He was married to his wife Pearl Ann Whitmore for 51 years until her death on June 12, 2006. He had three daughters Denese Smart, of Green River, Wyoming, Melinda Crenshaw of Carlsbad, New Mexico and Renee Muije of Rock Springs ,Wyoming. He had 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. His name appears on many winning pitbulls pedigrees.
From the past. I had to put this Bitch on my web. This is a ten time winning bitch and credited as a double Grandchampion. This record has been proven and is not someones Bull. She won with pure talent, Mouth and gameness. She is Allen's Tornado. The only proven double Grandchampion bitch in the world. She whipped bitches in short order all the way up to three hours and eighteen minutes against top competition.
David Tant and one of his famous pitdogs.
A men that like to be in the limelight with his fighting dogs and is paying the consequences..

Famous old dogman and his dog

Earl Tudor and Johnny from the early days. Look how Earl cheated on his scratch. He lifts him up and as he set him down it gave him forward movement which is equal to a push.
As A young boy we drove by Earl Tudors house every Sunday morning on our way to church. I'm not trying to say I'm any better than anyone else in this old world in these stories I tell. I Randy Fox have done my share of bad in my life but am going to tell these stories as I remember them. Earl wasn't a dogfighter to me back then. He was the local bootlegger. As I got older and listened to local gossip, I learned he was also a known dogfighter. I got acquainted with him in my late teens. My uncle Skeet Mccasland Hauled Whiskey for him when he was young. My dad who my mother ran off when I was two years old hauled booze for Tudor a time or two also. Earl kept a bad dog just for protecting his stash. Under that bad dog's house was a container full of prize liquor. Just lift it up and get what you need. Revenuers would search his place but when walking by that mean dog they jumped back out of the way and they didn't have any idea what was hid under his doghouse. They came in Earls house once and tore the boards all around the windows on the west wall looking for liquor that might be hid in the walls. Earl said he had to buy the material to fix it hisself. I went to the dogfights on one occasion and Earl was crying, saying I don't know how to die. He was recovering after a stroke. I told my mother about that. She said she was going to go by and invite him to church. I'm sure she did. A few years earlier Don Maloney a follower of Tudor's was fighting a dog with Jimmy Jobe. Jobe made some smart remark about Maloneys dog. Maloney hit him in the face and made him bleed. Earl Tudor was drinking. He jumped up thinking it was a big fight. He was screaming where are they at Don. Red martin approached poor old drunk Earl trying to settle him down. Earl was around 80 then. Earls eyes were big as saucers and he couldn't see a foot in front of his face. He had lost lots of his vision. He jabbed and hit Red Martin a couple of times in the face. Red said Earl it is me and Earl recognized his voice and settled A little. Earl would rather fight than eat. Jobe told maloney lets fight dogs and not each other. Like the curr dog Jobe was in my opinion. I didn't care for that pothead Jobe. I'm sorry if you liked him, I didn't. I had a friend that went with me to the dogfights one day and brought his pretty little blond wife. They set down at Pitside and she ended up setting by Earl Tudor. Earl was drunk. Earl kept looking down between her legs. All of a sudden he put his hands between her legs and rubbed her there. She jumped sideways getting away from him and traded places with her husband. I saw this happen. It was a little funny and a little weird all at the same time. We talked about it on the way home. My friend wasn't really mad but was a little weirded out about it. I didn't know what to say to him to undue what had happened and I never did mentioned it again to him, nor did he to me. He never went to another dogfight as far as I know. I compare Bootlegging to drug dealing today. When they made it legal to have liquor here in Oklahoma it ruined Earls finances. People didn't have to buy from a bootlegger so not much money was generated anymore. Earls old house went unpainted and all the improvements stopped. I feel if they would legalize drugs the same thing would happen to drug dealers but who knows. There are lots of stories about Earl Tudor down where he lived. People say he was shot several times. They say his brother in law even shot him once. Maurice told the story he took two whores down there for Earl to play with and by doing this he got to breed Black Widow to Dibo. Mayfield has convinced his following that Tudor dogs were the Core of all the best. Earl had no standard inbred bloodline. His dogs came from everywhere. So the core comes from everywhere. Earl stole dogs. He was involved in the theft of Dibo's sister. He ended up with a dog that was never paid for that was taken from a man near Wilson, Oklahoma. Armitage speaks about this in his book. Through the years many a stolen dog ended up at his place. He changed papers. He did all the unethical things that dogmen do. Earl told me once when you get a good dog put your papers on him and you will become famous. Well no matter how dishonest he got them, even if he changed the papers on them. He still acquired some of the best and bred them to the best. Plus he checked them hard. His wife was a fine lady. She told my wife and I that her and Earl never had a fuss. On the way home my wife said the reason they didn't fuss was she was scared of him, who knows. That is hard to believe they never had a fuss. Even though he was a little crazy and did lots of bad things. He was still one of the best at the dog breeding and dogfight game. He didn't think he had the perfect dogs. He was always acquiring dogs from peopled to cross with Dibo Stuff. He ask me several times to let him breed to Alvin and I refused. If I had let him. The pups would have been good and every outlaw known to the doggame would have been crawling on their belly steeling my dogs. Alvin produced some real good dogs but I kept it low key. I still liked Earl because he treated me right. There will be lots of dogmen that do not like me telling this truth about him. There is only one God. Mayfield or Earl Tudor are not to be worshiped. They were simply humans that stood out in the pit game. Please don't fight any dogs unless you like jail. This is all history. Who said pitbull men were normal.
Tudor's Blackjack.

Earl Tudor's Blackjack one of the all time greats from the early days.
This is History from the past. Neither of these men are connected with fighting dogs today. On the left is Ronnie Anderson, in the middle is Red Baron on the right is Tommy Sherwood sometimes called Oklahoma Shortie. I'm sure you remember Ronnie Anderson and his famous Tonka dog. Both these men have had many great dogs. I like both of them and think they are great dogmen.
This is all history Gene Matson is not involved in dogfighting this day and time. Gene Matson and the famous Fred-T dog. He is a good dogman from the past. This man helped Bill Carr out when he was down and about to die. That tells me he was not only a good dogman but also a good man.
This is history and Bill Carr is no longer involved in dogfighting. This is the famous Bill Carr from the past. Bill has bred some great pitdogs. Bill along with his Carr's Maud off Uselton's Solomon and Uselton's Texas Star.
Once upon a time in the 70's there were some fights taking place at Stroud, Oklahoma. A man with the name Logue was putting on the fights. Tommy Williams , Charlie Adkisson and myself went to the fights. Tommy was in the pit fighting his dog when a Sheriff's car pulled up and out popped two lawmen. I'm not sure if they were Stroud or county lawmen. They arrested Tommy and put him in their car. The referee and the other man with the dog in the pit ran. Mr. Logue approached the lawmen and told them to get off his place and he had a gun. The lawmen tried to get him to settle down. He said you don't drive on my place and start loading people and not show me any warrant. Mr. Logue Got Tommy by the arm and said get out of their car. Tommy did this. He told the lawmen to get in the car and head north and if he sees any head lights coming back he will shoot them out. They did what he said. The show was set up for three matches if I remember correctly and tommy's was the first one. They went ahead and finished that match and fought the rest of the fights with no trouble. I wanted to leave but had ridden with Charlie there and couldn't leave. I was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. An Oklahoma state bureau of investigator by the name of Ledbetter came by my home a couple of weeks after this incident. Someone had talked to them about this and had given them names of who was there. They picked some of the people at random that were there and questioned them. I got on the list. They wanted to know why the sheriff's didn't come back. They were not interested in the dogfight at that time. I could not help them as I said. I do not know how he got away with it. I do not know if it was all show or real. I told him it looked real to me and he seemed mad. I know if I'd did something like that there would have been lawmen coming from everywhere like red ants. They would have swarmed me and everyone else and carried us away. The rumor was he was one tough man and no one to mess with. I'm convinced that is true.
Dont let this encourage you to fightdogs. You may not know this but a dog will fight good when you test him at home. Yet when you take him somewhere to fight. He may or may not spook. Strange areas strange noises and strange things happen sometimes to a dog mentally in new surroundings. This sometime affect some dogs. I will not tell anyone how I worked a dog in the early days but will tell you a little about what I did while working a dog on the treadmill to stop spooking. Years ago when my dogs were being prepared to fight and they were working the treadmill. I would play music on a radio right beside the treadmill. It would be loud hardrock music. I would take two pans and jump around the dogs making quick movement beating the pans together. This was done the entire time they worked the treadmill. I will not tell you how long they spent on the treadmill. This nose and quick movement made the dog get use to any sounds and quick movement around the pit by the handler or people jumping around along the pitwall. This was real important to me. I have seen many a fighting dog distracted by handlers and by spectators that spooked their dog because of the loud nose and quick movement around the pit. This distraction usually happens in the first minute of the fight or when a dog starts getting tired. Danny Burton had a dog that spooked in the first minute of a match and it cost him a fight in the old days. I think he would have won that fight if his dog hadn't spooked. Just a little trivia from the past. Dont fight dogs unless you like jail.
Cruel things done by dog fighters. Below
Don't do the things I am telling you in this story. You will certainly stand a chance of prison. A lady wrote me talking about Michial Vick the famous football player. She talked about him being charged with dogfighting. She talked about various things she had heard about that he had done and various charges he was facing. Michial Vick like many other famous athletes got caught up in the evil of money. It could happen to anyone that goes through that lifestyle. They have never had any money and all of a sudden they are rich. That creates a new personality that leads many into criminal activity. She ask me if it was a practice to kill lots of pitbulls in the dogfight game. The truth of the matter is with me and many other former dogfighters from the past. I calculate I could have killed five hundred pitbulls form the 1960's through the 80's. I'm not bragging about this. I'm still trying to figure how I was so cruel. I probably killed from ten to twenty dogs a year for twenty five years. Do the math. I'm not sure of the true count but there were lots of dogs that got put down. When a dog was around two years old he was rolled as it is called. That is a practice fight where he will be put to the test and see how tough and game he is. Plus the dog is judged on his fighting ability and biting power. If he doesn't pass that test he is killed. Yet some dogmen sold the sorry dogs and told people they were good dogs just to make a dollar. Dogs I raised and many dogs were brought to me by want-to-be dogmen to test also. I admit in the past which was years ago when I fought dogs. I shot dogs, I electrocuted them by attaching a clip lead to an ear and a clip lead on the flank. Then plugged this lead into a 110 volt outlet. I use to calculate it takes 20 to 30 seconds for them to die but after thinking about it a little. It really never took over 20 seconds for them to die. Most were killed by shooting. Some later on in the eighties were killed with a lethal shot. I have seen people hang them at dogfights. The reason for the lethal injection method is that the dog makes no noise just like with the electrical shock. Shooting noises with a gun attract attention in populated areas. That is why shocking and injections are used in that type area. I use to throw the dead dogs in a pond where the fish and turtles could eat them when I lived at Drummond,Oklahoma. My wife who was strictly against me dogfighting or hurting any dog. She had bad dreams about me doing this. She dreamed she was in a glass bottom boat out on the water and dogs were hitting and clawing at the bottom of the boat trying to get in. My wife and I are opposites. I've always put women on a pedestal. I never cared much for women at the dogfights and am glad my wife was strictly against dogfighting or I wouldn't have been able to kick the habit. I loved the idea of her tending to the maternal side of things. I question all our values here in the USA. It is important to know dogfighting today is bad because it is unlawful. I heard that the Bible says to obey the law of the land. I question lawmen searching out dogfighters. When Philadelphia alone had over 750 gun related killings of humans in the years 2007 as of august. So it will be many more by January. I guess law enforcement feels dogs are more important then people for them to spend more time hunting dogfighters than crimes against humans. I still would rather have been a pitbull than a deer or a horse. I have shot deer and tracked there blood trails for long distances with them bellowing out noises of pain. Let me put a saddle on you and ride you and hit you to make you run. Plus many a horse is put down at the tracks. How do you think they killed a hurt horse before the lethal shot was invented. Plus they make glue and dog food out of the horses. Cattle and horses were killed at kill plants for dogfood and food with a sledgehammer for years. When I was a boy. We tied down calves and cut their testicles out. If Peta would have seen that they would have passed out. Yet that is done at most cattle ranches today. If I were born a pitbull at least I would have had a 50-50 chance for survival. I always ask, is there a good way to die? Is death worst than life? No one can say. The dead do not talk. I'm not proud of these cruel things I've done to the dogs. Each time I killed a dog it did bother me. Each time a dog of mine got hurt in a fight it did bother me. Yet the truth of the matter is. Very seldom did a dog in a true pitdog fight get seriously injured. The dogs don't growl and whine like the films on the television show you. That sound is dubbed to make the dogfights on the news seem more dramatic. The death rate of pitbulls dieing in a fight is probably about the same percent as human boxers die in their fights. The dogs are ususally seperated real often and taken to opposite corners and are given a chance to not fight. If the dog is afraid or to tired. He is counted out in the corner and he has to fight no more. That is why most are not hurt badly. Occasionally like in a boxing match a dog is killed. Most matches are on the average fought for no more than a thousand dollars. Most dogfighters feed lots of dogs and in the long run lose money. Yet some make a little money. Some gangbangers and drug dealers do fight for big bucks. The news media would like to tell you otherwise because they only show and tell the stuff that sells news. It takes a lot of mind control to let yourself do these things to the dogs. That is if you have any heart at all. I always dreaded the killing. The process of elimination. I have a theory that most people do about the same amount of cruel things in the walk through life, yet some do more. We do cruel things in wars. How many innocent babies do you think were killed in the war we are in now? Plus how many of the fine young men of our own have we lost? Will the death we created make things better over there for them or will it help our oil situation?. I can swear to you I have not done as many cruilties in my lifetime as the leaders of our country have against mankind in the last 10 years. Yet our country doesn't seem to let it bother them and it is an accepted practice to kill or bully other people in foreign countries if they don't obey us. Who appointed the USA the Sheriff of all mankind. Most humans do cruel things to each other. They do cruel things in business. They do cruel things in the man and woman love game. Divorce is a cruel thing to children and parents as well. It can ruin many a person or a childs mind. The majority of dogfighters come from broken homes. Peta and the lawmen are guilty of cruelty. They hunt down men for dogfighting and don't think one thing about taking them from their wives and children. They don't give it a thought to how cruel it is. They feel they are just enforcing the law. We all have to do so much cruelty whether it is against man or beast. It will be done. I've said this bible verse over and over on this web. Remember a quote from the Bible that Christ said when some folks were going to stone the lady for her bad deeds. 'Let those without fault throw the first stone'. God has forgiven me for my past life and the cruelties I've done. I hope God has forgiven you for all the cruel things you have done as you walked through life. I hope the people of this world will forgive me also. If not that is their problem in Gods eyes..
Years ago Frank Carver and myself went down to Enid dogpound one saturday morning around 40 years ago. We were going to ask what the dogpound man did with the collars off unclaimed dogs. We went into the lobby and no one was around. There was a door with a small window going into the area where the animals were kept. We heard a bunch of noise coming from that area. We saw a man with a rake swinging it wildly at cats. The room was full of cats and the man was killing them with the rake. We watched in disbelief for a while till he saw us out of the corner of his eye. He stopped in fear of being exposed and begin to explain. He said he opened the cat cage to rake it out which housed around ten cats in one of the cats had jumped in his face and stuck to him with his claws while he was raking out the poop. He had lost his temper and started hitting them killing them on by one. During his fit he was throwing. He had killed several of the cats. There were five or six laying dead cats on the floor. He had also knocked the overhead light fixture down that was only hanging by one wire during his release of anger. He ask us not to tell anyone about this and said he had never lost his head like that before. We told him what we were after and he gave us some dog collars while we were there and made a deal to get all his old dog collars when he put unclaimed dogs down that had collars and no tags. He also supplied me with cats for training dogs back in the early days. Needless to say we kept his secret for over 40 years.
This is the famous fighting dog Swig , That Mayfield wins with. Donald Eugene Mayfield was born in October 27,1937 and died July 15, 2006. Once upon a time I went to Bobby Smith's Place. He took me out to where Marty Reed and Rick Haliburton had been killed at the chicken fights right outside Dallas. They had the tape bordering the investigation sight. They had paint around where the bodies had laid with blood all over the ground. The lawmen said one had run from the killers and one had run at the killers and both had died quckly at close range. Rick and Marty were top dogfighters of the the 70's. They had some fantastic dogs and a future ahead of them that got altered. I got A real funny feeling deep in my stomach looking at that mess. No one ever found who did this thing. I went to the dog fights shortly after this incident and set down by a fellow I knew. He said if he were me he'd move. I said why. He said because some people were accusing him of doing this crime and were there with guns to kill him. He didn't have to tell me that twice. I said, I'm out of here. I got up and moved. Nothing happened at that fight. I guess it was all talk and no one intended to do anything like they said. Sometimes people accuse people of things without proof and say they are going to do something about it but never do. There were stories going around of various crimes Marty and Rick committed that could have gotten them killed but the stories were never proven. I'll always remember these two guys and feel for their families.
This is strictly history so please do not fight dogs unless you like jail. The Famous Maurice Carver. Dogfighter, dogbreeder, Pimp, borderguard and anything else he decided to be. Plus his 'Wino' dog. Maurice was smart in lots of ways. That statement he made saying you can turn a pitbull into a german shepherd in three generations is very true. Simply breed a pitbull to a german shepherd then take the offspring and breed it to a german shepherd. Then take this offspring and breed back to a german shepherd. For what is worth you have a german shepherd. I think he made this statement to teach you that a pitbull bred to an untested pitbull. Then breed that off spring back to an untested pitbull and then repeat it one more time by breeding that offspring to an untested pitbull. Then for what it is worth you do not have a pitbull. Because they were bred to fight and you bred them exactly the opposite. Therefore you have created a new breed. You have erased those genetics that are so important in establishing the breed. If you breed for weight pulling and ignore the fighting gene you do not have a pitbull. If you breed for conformation and ignore the fighting gene you do not have a pitbull. If you breed them to hoghunt and ignore the fighting gene you do not have a pitbull. That is an opinion that Maurice Carver and myself can agree on. Years ago we had some matches at my folks farm. I wrote Pete Sparks magazine and turned in the fights. I said we had a bunch of Okies here ,no drunks ,no druggies and no pimps. Just a bunch of guys having fun fighting some dogs. Maurice told a friend of mine someone is going to kill that big mouth Okie for saying that crap. Well Mr. Maurice, it hasn't happened yet and if it does, your not here to see it happen. Maurice was one of the best pitdog breeders since the beginning of pitdogs in America but he wasn't my kind of people. I'm sorry if this hurts anyones feelings. You simply found something in him to like, I'm sorry but I just couldn't make myself like him.
This is the famous dogfighter,dogbreeder and all around good man, the late Bert Clouse. His real name is William D. Clouse. His wife's name is Geraldine Patricia. Bert was born March 11,1917 in Woodward, Iowa. He died august 1982. I believe his final home was in or around Kansas city , Missouri. I liked Bert clouse. I had a friend named Gary Emmert from Senica,Missouri who didn't like Bert real well and that is not my problem. I like anyone who likes me. Bert had an artificial leg. One time at the fights it got to bothering him where it attached. So he took it off and laid it beside him at pitside. Gary crawled up behind him and got it. He climbed a three and put it up in it. I told him go get it that isn't very nice. He refused. I guess someone else had to go get it for him, Gary didn't. Gary was a real nice guy married to a school teacher. He had been a very straight husband and a good man for years. One evening after work he saw some of his buddies and they got him to stop for a beer. As the story goes he had to many. One mile before you reach his driveway to his home. His childhood girlfriend lived. On his way home for some reason he turned in his old girlfriends driveway. Went up rang the bell she opened the door. He walked right in, went right straight to her bedroom and took off all his clothes and crawled in her bed and passed out. She called his wife and said come get your husband out of my bed. His wife headed over and between the two of them they got him in the car. She took him home and put him to bed. I ask her did you let him get by with that. She indicated that was the last and only time he will get by with anything. I'm not sure if my wife would have let me slide but his did. She has to be a wonderful understanding woman.
Back in the early days a famous pitbull man I knew but didn't associate with if I could help it. Was always on the watch for the easy money in the drug trade. He met a man who had the land and told him he could use it to raise Marijuana on the halves. He planted and raised some of the best looking Marijuana he had ever raised. When it came time to harvest it. The Sheriff in that southern state approached him and took him to jail he told him he would let him go if he would leave town and never look back. So he naturally agreed. He found out later that the Sheriff and the man that first made the deal with him were in business together and had done this many times. They got the crop planted and taken care of for free that way and then they made the profit. If you read This and are law inforcement and are interested in finding out more .It happened years ago and the limitation laws were in place so there is no more to say.
The famous oldtimer 'Walter Komosinski '
Walter had many good dogs in the old days.

This is me back in the early days. This is Buster the last dog I conditioned. He was a blocky made dog. I conditioned him two times for a guy 'Doing time'. He was brought to me by a friend of his on the outside. He won both times, someone else conditioned him the third time and he lost.
This is Fox's little Killer a granddaughter to My little Alvin dog a real hard biting rough bitch. I whipped a bitch for Rick Bethel. Rick had won several fights in a row with no defeats when he ran into killer that stopped that. He had a half brother to Alvin called Lion he whipped a dog for Ronnie Anderson and a dog for Maloney and whipped a carver dog for Beasley. That dog was a great dog but never got much recognition.

This is the famous Bobby Smith. Bobby is no longer with us but he will always be remember as an honest Bulldog man. He had some good fighting dogs and he and I spend some enjoyable time visiting at each others homes. I will miss those days.
This is my dog from years ago called Cannonball an inbred Dibo dog. His papers didn't show it but Earl Tudor explained to me that if his papers would have happed to been right Dibo would be on his pedigree 7 times. What ever that means.
Maurice and Pat Carver. One of the best producing pitdogmen that ever lived. Maurice was born November 2, 1916 and died November 1979. The story goes that Pat his wife was A prostitute that use to work for Maurice. Later Maurice Carver Married her. I don't think this should sway you in your opinion of Maurice Carver's intelligence. The Emperor of France 'Napolean Bonaparte' who was born in 1769 and died in 1821 also married a prostitute. He was known for his brilliance in war strategies plus many other brilliant accomplishments while Emperor.
Don't let this influence you to fight dogs unless you like jail this is strictly history. The dog is my Ch. Ben dog. On the left is James Kelley and I'm on the right. This happened years ago. You can tell I'm young in the picture and everyone knows I'm an old man now.
This is a sorry picture. This is Jerry Johnston's Ch. Million. A four time winner and a grandson to my little 'Alvin the dog'.
Mayfields Nigger.
This is a terrible picture of Mayfields Nigger dog. He was first Tudor's Nigger then William's Nigger, Then Forsythe's Blackshine then Maloney's and Meriman's Blackshine for one day ,then J.E. Kings Nigger then Kennedy's Nigger then Gilman's Nigger then Mayfield's Nigger. He changed hands quiet often but no pups made it to fame till Mayfield got him with the exception of a couple from Tudor's yard. He wasn't the game dog everybody thinks he was but to his credit he produced 5 or 6 game hard fighting dog while Mayfield had him. Mayfield new this dog quit but wouldn't let himself believe it. Lots of the snot nosed kids get on the message boards and say he didn't quit. They weren't there, I was and for their sake I wish he hadn't quit. A wise man once said A Lie will die and the truth will live on. I look for this truth to live on. Maloney and Floyd Merriman bought him from A.B. Forsythe and brought him back the next day all cut up. They insisted he quit to Forsythe. They traded him back to A.B. for a little money and some junk. If he hadn't quit that time why did they bring him back all mad. I also witnessed his standing in the corner quiting before that incident. Everyone needs to ask Charlie Adkisson about him running from the Raccoon in the Oklahoma city flats when he got bit hard. I have patterdales terriers tougher than that. Forsythe told me never to reveal what had happened with Nigger he wanted to sell him. I kept it to myself about him quiting for a long time. I didn't even tell my closest friends. I finally let the cat out of the bag. I wish I'd had never told about that and all the Nigger dog fans could be happy. I could have bought him for 15 dollars. Charley Adkisson can varify the 15 dollar sales pitch.I wished I had bought Nigger after seeing some of the dogs he produced for Mayfield but it is hard for me to buy a dog that stops for any amount of money. Some young doggers said I told this because I was trying to hurt Don Mayfield. That is bullshit. I liked the late Don Mayfield and considered him a friend even though he changed mentally through the years. I still think he was one of the greatest dog men and conditioners of all times. I do believe he could have traded the dogs he fought into his opponents dogs and still won on most occasions. Mayfield was that good with the dogs. If the young men that think Nigger was a game dog want to live in that dream world that is there privileged. He changed hands 8 times. So any lawyer can tell you. Anyone person or persons who were on any of those yards when he quit could testify to that. Yet no one can say he didn't quit becuase they weren't in all eight of those yards at all times. So it is fine for someone to say they don't believe he quit but for someone to say he didn't quit is making a statement that can't be proven. So any testimony that says he didn't quit is wrong and impossible to prove and would not hold up in any court.. I should have bought Nigger and should have tried to buy Bullyson. Who I put in the same category as Nigger. Two sorry curr dogs that quit and still were good bred top producers.
I will tell you a little something about Asbury Beaty Forsythe one of the owners of The dog that ended up with the name Mayfields Nigger. A.B. was born July 28 1910 and died May 15, 1988. He went by A.B. and everyone called him that. He was quiet a guy. When he was a young man. He stole a truck load of Bat Manure. It is referred to as Bat Guano in the fertilizer world. When the law got hot on his trail he burned the evidence. That ended him being charged with truck theft and arson. For his reward for doing this. He spent several years in the Granite penitentiary here in Oklahoma. A.B. had two sons and a daughter. One of his sons Bobby got put in McAlester Penitentiary in Oklahoma for armed robbery. His son Bobby had asthma and during a riot which he wasn't really involved in got sprayed with teargas and died. This broke A.B.'s heart. He wrote Senators, Congressmen and the Governor in protest. He seem to get hold of a good dog on occasion and would call me. I would come down and check him or her out. He cheated me a few times. He would always apologize and say, I don't have much money and sometime I have to stretch the truth to make a dollar. He said Randy you work and make good money and can afford to be honest. My wife didn't like me going over to A.B.'s home. She thought he was an evil old man. He was a pretty shady character but I liked him because as I've told people a hundred times. I like anyone that likes me. No matter what they have done. I will tell you a story about A.B. that is unbelievable. He had a pitbull that had a spot on in back where the skin was gone. It was about 4 inch by six inches. He had caught a stray dog and cut a peice of skin, hair and all off the stray and had attempted to patch the spot on the pitbulls back that was missing. When I saw it it was close to the same color of white but the hair was a different thickness and a little longer. He had sewed it on when I saw it. The thread had been removed. I'm not sure if it stayed on or rotted away later. It looked like it was going to stay on the pitbulls back forever and looked healed but who knows. I did not think to ask about it later and didn't see the pitbull again. A.B. like to play jokes on people. One day I took a guy over to A.B. forsythe's house. A.B. always had old tires for sale. This guy was looking for some tires. When we drove up A.B.'s house for a joke he came out of the house with a gun that looked like a machine gun. He screamed at us and said I'm fixing to kill you thieving S.O.B.'s. The man jumped out of my car and took off running. A.B. ran after him for a few seconds. Which scared him even more. He didn't stop running for several blocks. I drove after him to bring him back. When I caught up with him. He said take me home. He wouldn't go back to A.B.'s even though I explained how he was just teasing. He was so scared he was shaking. So I took him home. A.B. called me that evening and was tickled to death to have scared that poor guy half to death. His wife told me sometime later. A.B. took that gun and scared a young man real bad. He was coming to buy a dog. The boy lost control of his car as he drove away in fear and ran over the gas meter across the street and never came back.

Click on picture historical championship from oldtime Sporting Dog Journal. This is my Ch. Bad Ben from the early days a good descent game dog. He won on gameness most of his fights but could bite some to. Ben was called Bimbo by the people I got him from. I didn't like that Bimbo name so I changed it. Ben earned that name because Gary Chance who I got him from had some sons that were full of mischief. They would run by him and pull his tail when he was eating. That made him crazy. He would eat a while and then he would comb the area with his eyes looking and growling at anything that moved. He would bite anyone that approached him while he was eating. He went from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde. He was perfectly fine till he ate .Them he became a dangerous machine. I learned to feed him and get out of the way and everything worked out for me. Someone poisoned four of my dogs 'all were winners'. Ben was one of them. I went out to feed them and all four were dead. I never did know who did it. It had to be someone that kept up with my matches because the winning dogs were all that got killed.
A flash from the 70's. Mike Kelley on the left and James Kelley in the middle and Jerry Johnston on the right and the little winning bitch from my yard out of Alvin the dog. Years ago I went to Mike Kelley's house. I was in a little economy car. Mike had a big female sheep that he kept in the house. I don't know what she did to make him mad but he insisted I take her. I told him I was in my car. He said that she wouldn't hurt anything. He said she was housebroke and neat and clean. He wanted me to take her to my acreage. He said I could have her and she had to go now. We put her in the back seat. I headed home going south On I-35 in that little car. She jumped over the seat into the front seat and leaned over putting her head next to mine. Three guys went around me in a big four wheel drive ford truck at a fast speed. One looked over and saw the sheep setting next to me all snuggly. He told the others and the driver hit his breaks and slowed down and got beside me. They were really staring hard and couldn't take their eyes off me. I leaned over and kissed the sheep on the cheek. I thought they were going to run off the road with their insane laughter. They finally went on but I bet they told that story everywhere they went that day. We kept her for years but she didn't get in my house. My wife sure wouldn't go for a house sheep or me either.

Below- This is the famous Bobby Hall one of the greatest dog men that ever lived and Bullyson. Bullyson was one of those good kind of quitting dogs. Yes he quit but I wished I new what I new now, Since he was one of the best producing dogs of all times. I would have tried to buy him from Maurice for a stud dog. Yet it would have been hard to do that after watching him quit cold. I read an article writen by One man that Bullyson kept his eyes on BennyBob and quit in good fashion. That is Bullshit he turned his head to the side and wouldn't look at BennyBob. Bullyson quit and at one point even tried to jump the pit. Some people setting at pitside kept him from going over the wall. After he quit Bullyson was put up close to Benny Bob by Floyd Boudreaux to try to get him to scratch and he just stood there at that point he did look straight ahead at BennyBob for a second. No use in trying to clean up what happened. He was a rank curdog. Maurice knew that and put him down by shooting him in the head later on. He fought way to fast to be conditioned for a distance fight. This was his down fall. You can't make a cross country horse out of a quarter horse. It is as simple as that. Yet when he was crossed with Carver stuff the offsprings were outstanding. Some kid told me his dad was there and Bullyson went down game. I was there and many of my oldtime dogmen friends were there and they can tell you the truth. (Or if you like, just live a lie). I put him in the same category as Mayfields Nigger a sorry fighting dog but a good producer. I try to tell the truth on all my writings and can tell you there were at least 100 people that are still alive that were at that fight including Boudreaux that will tell you he quit. Some of the excuses may be truthful the, if ,ands and buts. Danny Burton said if Bobby Hall would have had him he would have stayed and won and not quit. Some one said his bloodcount was low. Someone said he was bred to a bitch during the keep. Earl Tudor said after seeing the photo of Bullyson dropping his holt when fighting at Burt Clouse and looking straight up and gasping for air. Earl Tudor Stated you will see this dog quit someday and I did. I wish I had the film of that. I'm sure people have the photos. I hate myself for not bringing a camera. I do have a picture somewhere of the old Eli dog Bullyson's sire looking straight up in the air during a fight gasping for air also. I'm not trying to make up a story to discredit this bloodline. This bloodline made a great contribution to the fighting dog game. Bullyson's offsprings could bite and fight and some were great.
This is Bobby Hall and Boudin Man in the 2000's. We all age don't we.
Below- This is the famous Zebo. He was one of the greatest dogs of all times taking on any opponent. He whipped Eubanks Greaser who had won several fights. Greaser was not bread the way people think. He was out of a Bat and Ribbon bred bitch and a stolen brindle male of unknown breeding.
Below-This is the Dam to the famous Hooten's Butcherboy. She is Stockton's Liz with Don Mayfield.
Below-This is Norman Hooten in the center and Butcherboy. One of the greatest dogs that ever lived. Norman was a great dogman with many winners. When Butcherboy scratched into Kennedy's Booger Red. He hit him so hard in the chest that a peice of meat about the size of a little finger hit me in the side of the face. He completely riped Booger Reds chest to peices. Norman Hooten was born March 16 ,1941 and died January 27,1997.
Below- is the famous Gary Hammond on the left he bred many a fine dog. Gary has some of the finest bred Nigger dogs and some fine Patterdales to. Gary has made quiet a study about how to breed pitbulls and has bred lots of winners. I consider him a very intelligent well read gentleman. Sometime back I picked up a Patterdale bitch from Gary. Gary isn't involved in dogfighting anymore but at one time had many winners and some ROM dogs. He gave me a compliment . He said back in the day I stood out and was one of of the better dogmen. It is like I always said in the valley of the blind the one eyed men are kings. I wanted that in those days. My outlook has changed. Today I'd rather be known as a good father and a good grandfather and I am that to my family.
This is the famous Bob Hemphill after one of his wins. He is famous for his old family rednose dogs. They say they are full of that old Lightner blood. William J. Lightner born in 1878 and died February 13 ,1959. His wife who Richard Stratton says is named Mary which must be her middle name because he is buried by Nellie M. Lightner in Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs ,Colorado. I'd love to have more info on Bob Hemphill , where he died and anything else about him of interest. I also need a picture of William J. lightner.
William J. Lightner one of the best dogmen ever.


Don Mayfield on the left, Dwight Hathoway on the right and Danny Burton in the center some of the greatest pitdog men in the early days. Danny and I matched each other twice. I beat him with Alvin. He beat me with Alligator. The next one would have been for the rubber match but it never happened and never will due to the fact we both no longer fight dogs. We both have lots of memories that can't ever be taken away but society has nosed into peoples business and stopped dogfighting as it was. Once upon a time years ago Danny match a dog called Little man into a man that moved to Oklahoma from California named Tom waggoner. Tom had a good little red dog. They got in a little fuss during the match. I called Danny over to me. Danny was a tough young man back then and wanted to whip Tom. I explained to him, Tom had several friends with guns with them and would shoot Danny if a fight broke out. Danny settled down. Tom was fresh out of the Ohio state penitentiary and had picked up some hard ways. There was a young man that was aggravating Tom at the fights once. Tom told him If I'd had you in the penitentiary with me I'd had you plucking your eyebrows and wearing lipstick. Tom was at a bar in the town I lived in. He called me and said come on down and lets have a few beers and talk bulldogs. There was a girl in the bar playing pool. She had on a skirt made from levi material. It was split up both sides. Tom said I wonder if she is wearing leather underwear. He walked over to her while she was bent over shooting a shot. He picked up the back of her skirt and looked at her butt. He yelled at me, no she wearing pink panties. She went to the pay phone all red faced and mad. She called someone. In about 30 minutes a big biker guy with chains hanging all over him came in and walked over to her. She started telling him what happened to her. Tom walked toward him pulled out his gun stuck it in his face and said I'm the one that did it. Now it is your move. The biker did nothing just got the girl and left and never did come back. Tom was rolling some dogs at Dick Strattons place. Everyone there got arrested. Everyone got out of it but Tom. Tom was on probation and had to go back and serve some more time due to fighting dogs. This is all history. Don't fight dogs unless you like jail.
Cates and Nigerino
This is an Historical picture Tudor's Ch. fighting Peter one of the all time greats out of the past.

In the early 60's when I started fighting dogs it was unlawful to do so. It was not a felony yet. Law enforcement agencys did nothing to stop it. Matter of fact the local county sheriff was at one of my matches betting on my dog. Today law enforcement agencies and peoples attitudes have changed. They feel that taking a man to jail leaving his children fatherless crying for daddy. Plus taking a man to jail leaving a his wife with no financial support is not cruel. Yet they feel fighting a dog is cruel. Crimes against the family go unpunished but crimes against animals go severaly punished. There are more horses killed racing than dogs that die from fighting. A horse is put down almost everyday from broke legs at the track. You will attend lots of dogfights before you see one that is killed. Deer hunting is accepted, because hunters claim they need the meat. That is hogwash you can buy meat. I'm not going to lie about the hunt. I like to hunt because I get a rush when I pull the trigger. That is much more exciting then eating them. It is much crueler than fighting a dog. The deer screams in pain when he is shot and drags his dieing body through the woods where we track blood spots till we find the body. I would much rather be a fighting dog with a 50-50 chance to win, than any other animal in any other sport. I know longer fight dogs and don't you fight dogs unless you like jail. A man gave a rebuttal to this statement saying you don't pet deer but you do pet dogs. When I had my wildlife farm. You could pet half the deer I had and everone looked forward to it. They hugged them ,petted them and brushed them. So that rebuttal is hogwash also.

Click on the colored picture of Strider and see more.

Strider has Cassius Clay down in this photo as one of the handlers Don Divine is looking down encougaging their dog. This picture is not to encourage dogfighing but just the opposite. You can see the punishment that took place.
Above is the Divine's famous Cassius Clay dog.
This is the famous Maurice carver and Don Divine
Above is one of the best dogmen that ever lived Mr. Ralph Green and Strider in another Battle.
The above colored photo is the famous Strider dog. He won lots of fights and when Maloney got him he lost with him to the famous Cassius Clay dog. Don Maloney told me it was Strider's turn to go at about the two hour mark and he took the count.. He told me Cassius wouldn't go either but won because he didn't have to scratch. I took Maloney's statement with some doubt. I'd like to here comments from Divine on this match. I had a friend varify this the other day and had the magazine report at a friends house . Anyway Cassius won and Strider quit but Strider was one of them good dogs that was just fought to much and his fight face left him. You have to give both dogs credit they hurt each other and went a long ways down the road. Dogs do funny things when they go that long sometimes. A dog only has so much fight in him. Just like a battery in you car only has so many cranks. It varys from dog to dog. Just like one car battery will last 2 years and another 6 years. Don made a match with Strider and couldn't go so Charlie Adkisson and Myself took Strider to Arkansas and won with him not to long after this loss. He fought a fairly long fight scratched good for us. We handed Jerry Beene the money to hold and the opposition handed Beene the money to hold. When we were handed the winnings it was 100 dollars short. I'm not sure what happened or who got the 100 dollars. When Charlie sees trouble he gets a little crazy. He wanted to whip Beene and Lightning. Lightning Billy who was the opposition also gets a little crazy. I talked Charlie into leaving rather than have Lightning Billy shoot us. I explained to him, he and I couldn't win we didn't have a gun.

This is Ronald Goos and his Ch. Handsome.He is a son to Bolio he imported and he is from Holland. This was taken years ago. I had him down as a one time winner but I was notified and since then he won two more fights.
This is my friend the late Christy McCarthy and one of his great dogs.
This fine man from Ireland is Shamus McNutt from years ago and one of his good pitbulls.
These fine folks from England are John Briant his young daughter and his friend and John's dog Bonnie.
This is the famous Enrique Morfin from Mexico. One of the greatest from the Mexico City area. I believe this dog is Tarquino.
This is Antohin with Antohin's Candy May a beautiful little bitch. Antohin is from what use to be called yugoslavija but now he is Belgrade,Serbia,Europe. He has some fine dogs over there and lots of history on his web.
This is The five time winner 'Grand Ch. Moya'. He was Europe's dog of the 2005 year. He is a Eli/Carver X Bolio/Tombstone cross. He had the reputation of being a bad dog from start to finish.

The Gentleman in this pic is Floyd Langkilde and the Lady is Holly Martin with Blacksands bulldog's Tumeke. Tumeke is a Ch. confirmation dog. He is Jeep,Corvino and Boyles. They all are from New Zealand.
This is my good friends and former jockey and former pitbull man from Canada. Mr. Wayne Cammack and his wife Nicki and two children Heather and Timmy. Taken in September of 1989. He is into Old Boston Bulldogs. Not to be confused with the amercan breed called Boston Terriers. These are more rugged and bigger than the american breed. You can see them http://www.angelfire.com/ks3/oldbostonbulldog/ they are not bad looking dogs.
This fine young man is Irish Peter from some years back with his Sean dog.
This is Rudy Finkle Winkle and his Sonora Bitch. Rudy has been having some health issues. It is terrible to get older things go wrong. Rudy is one of the all time greats from Europe and a man I consider a friend.
This is another picture of Rudy Finkle Winkle from across Europe with his 2xw 1xL this black and tan bitch is called Delta was a gift from Pete Sparks and The milkman a littermate to Ch. Stallone.
The late Enrique Morfin from the Mexico city,Mexico area and his Gr. Ch IIantas.
This is Enrique of Mexico and Omar from Venezuela and Dr. Sarco
A young man from Italy.
His bulldogs caught and killed this Fox.

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